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  • Title: Home - Woman's Way
    Descriptive info: .. Menu.. Real Life.. Celebrity.. Living.. Beauty Style.. Wellbeing.. Friday floorfiller | Da Ya Think I m Sexy?.. Well do you think Rod Stewart is sexy?.. Film | Don t panic! Dad s Army the movie is coming.. Film | Ghostbusters will have all female cast.. Health | World Mental Health Day.. What s in your stars?.. The Latest.. Louise Finn.. | October 10, 2014.. Food | Blessed are the cheesemakers.. It s October Month of Cheese, so there s no better time to discover the delicious dairy of our fair.. Tara Corristine.. Rock the boat 20 things that happen at every Irish wedding.. If you ve been to an Irish wedding you ll know that there s a few things you can bank on.. | October 9, 2014.. Your A-Z to good health.. How to boost and improve your health and wellbeing.. Uncategorized.. Aine Toner.. Books | Cecelia Ahern.. Google Cecelia Ahern and a lot of large numbers pop up: over 15 million books sold worldwide, 11.. Soaps | October 13-17..  ...   Reach for the stars.. Why goal-setting is so important for your children Una Rice tells us how to do it.. | October 7, 2014.. 5 ways to fitness.. The party season is coming and your LBD is looking, well, little.. Read our 5 fitness tricks that work.. Video | Edward Hayden gets his groove on.. Our celebrity chef shakes his moneymaker to promote Savour Kilkenny.. Next stop Strictly? We think so.. Page 1 of 12.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. Next.. Last.. Instagram.. Follow Us.. Tweets by @Womans_Way.. Harmonia.. Advertise with Us.. Magazine Subscriptions.. Woman's Way Magazine is published by.. , the largest magazine publishing company in Ireland.. Copyright © 2004 to 2014 Harmonia.. All Rights Reserved.. Latest News.. Tags.. Advice.. Aries.. Astrology.. beauty.. books.. Children.. coronation street.. dot cotton.. eastenders.. emmerdale.. fashion.. fiction.. food.. gabriel byrne.. gossip.. Health.. Horoscope.. horoscopes.. Irish.. Jessica Fletcher.. living.. Love.. Makeup.. man.. monday.. Music.. nick cotton.. parenting.. reader fiction.. shopping.. Soaps.. Sport.. stars.. Star Sign.. style.. style fix.. summer.. television.. testing.. Travel.. vest.. walford.. wellbeing.. Zodiac..

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  • Title: Real Life Archives - Woman's Way
    Descriptive info: News | Are you worse off?.. A new ERSI study shows that married and cohabiting women have suffered most from austerity measures.. Choose your battles by Trina Rea.. Woman s Way columnist Trina Rea on choosing your battles.. | August 19, 2014.. Community Spirit.. There s still time to register for this year s Great Pink Run, but you ll have to be quick.. | August 14, 2014.. Behind the scenes in Soapland.. Want to know what life on the cobbles is like?.. | May 26, 2014.. Tricks of the Chipper Trade.. Chip addict and curious foodie Louise  ...   to predict if your marriage will last, according to Trina Rea Nobody wants to sit beside the.. | May 19, 2014.. Parenting Emotional Intelligence and Growing Pains.. How do you teach your kids self-awareness asks Trina Rea? Everyone wants the same thing for their children:.. 20 Questions: Biddy White Lennon.. Writer, foodie, presenter and personality Biddy White Lennon shares a murderous secret and lets us know why you.. | May 12, 2014.. Parenting Dealing With The Bullies.. Teach children about rising above bullying, says Trina Rea When I worked on TV chat shows and preinterviewed.. Page 1 of 2..

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  • Title: Celebrities
    Descriptive info: The gang from Walmington-On-Sea is back! An all-star cast are reporting for duty for the reboot of this classic TV series.. Have you heard? Ghostbusters is coming back, and this time the busters are all women.. But who will join the cast?.. | October 2, 2014.. Video | The Imitation Game.. Our beloved batch is tipped for awards galore for his role as cryptanalyst Alan Turing.. | October 1, 2014.. TV | Benedict for king.. Swoon.. And then some more swoon.. Benedict Cumberbatch is to play Richard III in the  ...   and find us.. | September 29, 2014.. Television | Behind the scenes at Ireland AM.. There was no better way to spend a Friday morning than delving behind the scenes at Ireland AM,.. Celebrity | George Clooney got married sob.. We wrote an open letter to George Clooney.. | September 25, 2014.. VIDEO | Kylie Minogue s Kiss Me Once tour.. Exclusive scenes from backstage on her latest tour.. | September 23, 2014.. Interview | Aggie MacKenzie.. Womans s Way chatted to the Queen of Clean.. Page 1 of 3..

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  • Title: Living Archives - Woman's Way
    Descriptive info: It s October Month of Cheese, so there s no better time to discover the delicious dairy of our fair island.. If you ve been to an Irish wedding you ll know that there s a few things you can bank on happening.. | October 3, 2014.. What s your sign?.. Find out what the stars have in store for your weekend.. Soaps | October 6-10.. What s coming up in Soapland next week.. Interiors | We want it.. A nifty gadget to help monitor your water usage.. Page 1 of 4..

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  • Title: Beauty & Style Archives - Woman's Way
    Descriptive info: Clockers the best beauty shortcuts.. Time cheaters prosper with these beautifiers.. Oil slick.. Think your skin s too greasy for an oil? Think again.. We look at why you need one in your life and our dish up on.. Beauty treatments, tried and tested.. It s a tough job at the coal face of beauty but someone has to do it so the Woman s Way team stepped up I had.. | September 24, 2014.. Soothing sensitive skin.. Over 58 per cent of women in Western Europe believe they have sensitive skin.. Are you one of.. | September 19, 2014.. See | Princess  ...   2014.. Sitting Room Swish.. A great way to give your wardrobe some oomph for free!.. Shopping heaven.. The shopping Gods have been kind and bestowed upon us another place at which to worship.. And you know.. | September 17, 2014.. Ask the experts: The best beauty hacks ever!.. Listen up because the experts are sharing the best skin, hair and make-up hacks Afraid of ‘overloading’ your.. | July 28, 2014.. Style fix.. €7 from Penneys A failsafe item in your wardrobe, this nifty vest will work for you whether you’re.. Hair Get Your Colour On.. Top products and expert advice for coloured hair..

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  • Title: Wellbeing Archives - Woman's Way
    Descriptive info: Here are five ways you can help to maintain good mental health, both now and in the years to come.. What s in store for you this weekend?.. | October 6, 2014.. Know your angels.. Need some help from your angels but unsure who you should ask? Here’s a handy guide of the.. Alternative | Aura colour.. How to see your aura.. Inspiring thoughts.. Some inspiring thoughts from the great and the good to help you make  ...   these health savvy tips and products.. Did you know… Light-coloured.. Out of Sight Blindness in Ireland.. With five people going blind in Ireland every single week it’s never been more important to take care.. Smart Ageing Strategies To Slow The Ageing Process.. There’s never been a better time to grow old – we investigate how an ageing population will keep.. Hanging Out… Kid’s exercise just got a little more interesting.. Labfitness, Drogheda are running Anti-Gravity Kids, a kids..

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  • Title: Rod Stewart's Da Ya Think I'm Sexy
    Descriptive info: By.. |.. October 10, 2014.. 0 Comments.. Tweet.. Pin It.. In this video, and in those pants he most certainly is.. Related Items.. Previous Story..

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  • Title: Dad's Army returns
    Descriptive info: Rex Features.. October 9, 2014.. Captain Mainwaring and the rest of the rag tag crew from Dad s Army are back for a brand new movie version of the hit TV Show which originally ran from 1968 to 1977.. The cast has just been announced with Toby Jones taking the role of Mainwaring, Bill Nighy as Seargeant Wilson, Michael Gambon as Godfrey, Tom Courtenay as Private Jones and Blake Harrison as Private Pike.. Catherine Zeta Jones will also star in the revamp..

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  • Title: Ghosbusters cast will be all female
    Descriptive info: Does bustin make you feel good? If you re a fan of Ghostbusters you will be delighted to hear that the franchise is making a return, but with a twist.. Director Paul Feig is at the helm – he of Bridesmaids fame – and he has confirmed that the reboot will have an all female  ...   woman.. But who they gonna call to fill the roles?.. Some of those we have on our wish list include Tina Fey, Kristin Wiig, Melissa McCarthy, Mindy Kaling, Amy Poehler and Lena Dunham (we could see her as Dr Venkman).. But who do you think should star? Get in touch to let us know.. Next Story..

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  • Title: World Mental Health day
    Descriptive info: Celebrated on October 10 every year World Mental Health Day aims to raise awareness of the importance of looking after your mental health.. Mental Health Ireland says, “Good Mental Health isn’t about avoiding problems or trying to achieve the ‘perfect’ life.. It’s about living well and feeling capable despite challenge.. ”.. They have just launched their five point plan to help you maintain good mental health that encourages you to connect, be active, take notice, keep learning and give.. Connect.. Staying connected with your family and community is really  ...   you.. Be active.. Get out and get active, have a walk, take up a sport, try to keep to a routine of activity.. Take notice.. Take time to see how you feel.. Be aware of your surroundings, try to savour the moment every day.. Keep learning.. Try something new, challenge yourself to learn a new skill or hobby.. Give.. Doing something nice for others can also be a mood lifter.. Try volunteering or helping out someone who could do with a hand.. For more information visit.. www.. mentalhealthireland.. ie..

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  • Title: What's in your stars?
    Descriptive info: Libra.. Sept 22 Oct 23.. Family has always been important to you.. Why not spend some time with people you actually like? Your soul may ache with longing when someone special crosses your path later on.. It’s not that hard to say hello.. Take a chance and see what happens.. You make get a positive response at exactly the right time.. Scorpio.. Oct 24 Nov 21.. Distance yourself from those that waste your time and energy.. Go out and find people that are willing to make some sort of effort.. It’s not as hard as you think! There’s a danger that you’ll get hurt but life is about risk at times especially when it comes to your emotions.. Consign those that are jealous to your past.. Sagittarius.. Nov 22 Dec 21.. Your romantic activities seem to be following the seasons! Just remember that we tend to have some very dull, damp days as well as sunny autumn ones.. You tend to put the needs of others ahead of your own.. It might be time to change that particular personality trait.. If someone you like crosses your path make sure you do something to grab their attention.. Capricorn.. Dec 22 Jan 19.. You will find the solutions that your sign is famous for but it will take a bit of conscious effort.. Once you sort problems out, enjoy some time off with friends.. Your social life takes off as the week comes to a close with new faces and old acquaintances popping up here there, and everywhere!.. Aquarius.. Jan 20 Feb 18.. It may be the muscles that attract you at first but it’s the mind that will keep you around.. Fun in the bedroom may mean a lot but if they can’t keep you awake with some pillow talk, they won’t be around for long.. You’re someone that loves a good idea whether dealing with a lover, a colleague  ...   handy this week.. Everyone’s eyes seem to be on you and what you get up to.. Do your best to impress those that matter but know your limits.. While the mind may not be tired, the body will weaken if you don’t allow it to rest.. Gemini.. May 21 June 20.. You’re a typical Gemini you like to jump from one thing to another and get them done (or tell someone else to finish them!).. That’s why this week may really get on your nerves.. You’re going to be blocked when you take positive action.. All this carry-on could also impact on your romantic life as the one you want is tied up elsewhere.. Cancer.. June 21 July 22.. In your quest for answers you may climb to the top of the highest mountain to get a better view, but what happens when it’s foggy up there? Try to relax this week.. You’ll eventually come across the details you need, but there’s a danger that you’ll push yourself too hard in the meantime.. Pay attention to your finances.. Leo.. July 23 Aug 22.. You’re acting like a nomad this week, wandering from place to place with no final destination.. However you’d be better off avoiding travel over the next few days.. It’s very unfulfilling to keep moving but yet going nowhere.. You can get a head start by contacting the right love interest for you.. They’re not going anywhere just yet but they won’t wait forever.. Virgo.. Aug 23 Sept 21.. Those that should know better seem to put a strain on your bank balance, Virgo.. Ignore individuals that already have enough.. Someone who does need real assistance will be very slow to ask.. Romance is in the air but you’re going to have to deal with anticipation for the next few weeks.. star.. star signs.. You may also like.. What s Your Sign? Gemini.. What s Your Sign? Aries..

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