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  • Title: Signs - Design your own signs online - Sign-O-Matic
    Descriptive info: .. Design Page.. Sign Examples.. Customer Zone.. FAQ.. Contact Us.. Plastic Sign.. Name Badge.. Wood Sign.. Aluminium Sign.. Acrylic Sign.. Vinyl Text.. Design your own sign!.. Use our easy Design Page to customise your signs.. Easy to order.. Quick delivery.. Low prices.. Start Designing Your Sign.. What we can do.. for you!.. PLASTIC SIGN (Engraved Text).. Engraved plastic signs can be used inside as well as outside.. Common uses are door signs, information signs, industrial signs and other general labelling signs.. Play Example Video.. NAME BADGE (Engraved Text).. Engraved plastic signs make perfect badges.. They are often used in hospitals and the service sector.. Engraved plastic name badges are high quality and low cost.. ALUMINIUM SIGN (Vinyl).. Aluminum signs are sturdy signs great for outside use.. Common uses are as street signs, shop signs  ...   text.. The vinyl text can be applied easily on a window or a car.. WOOD SIGN (Engraved Text).. Our wood signs are 4 mm thick and are made of MDF with an oak veneer.. They are only suitable for indoor use such as internal door signs.. We engrave the desired text onto the sign.. Free signs to all the bloggers!.. Sign.. examples.. Choose from hundreds of sign examples.. Business Signs.. Company Signs.. Company-signs.. Store-signs.. Office-signs.. Standard Signs.. Warning-signs.. Safety-signs.. Prohibition-signs.. Information-signs.. Organisation Signs.. Hospital-signs.. School-signs.. Apartment-numbers-signs.. Personal Signs.. Door Signs.. Door-signs.. No-junk-mail-signs.. Bathroom-signs.. Welcome-signs.. Toilet-signs.. House Signs.. House-signs.. Garden-signs.. Letter-box-signs.. Animal Signs.. Dog-signs.. Horse-signs.. Cat-signs.. Animal-signs.. Other Signs.. Badges.. Name-badge-signs.. Name-tag-signs.. Street Signs.. Parking-signs.. Handicap-signs.. Street-signs.. Other Signs.. Number-signs.. Humorous-signs.. Customer-signs.. Sign-O-Matic.. Terms of Purchasing.. Production Material.. About Sign-O-Matic.. 2008-2014, Sign-O-Matic.. All rights reserved..

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  • Title: Plastic Sign - Design Page
    Descriptive info: Reminder fee.. 27.. 30.. 30.. 03.. Silver.. Gold.. Black.. White.. Yellow.. Red.. Blue.. Green.. Orange.. Gray.. Purple.. Pink.. Aluminium.. Transparent.. Frosted.. Wood.. Oak.. Updating the basket.. Discount.. Discount included.. Waiting for communication with signomatic.. ie.. The minimum height is.. The text does not fit the sign.. The selected text height is too big, see the yellow-marked maximum size.. Please select fix method.. Your sign has not been added to your basket.. Size.. Total incl.. VAT.. Invoice Fee.. The product has not been added to the basket.. plastic_sign.. Choose material here.. Text.. Shape.. Colour.. Fix Method.. Image.. Rows / Text.. Font Size.. Add a row.. + Add a row.. Font.. Choose Font.. Sign Width.. Automatic.. mm.. Sign Height.. Sign Shape.. Rounded Corners.. Square.. Oval.. Thorny.. Stop..  ...   (Not Outside).. Silver/Black (Not Outside).. (Not Outside).. Screw.. Video.. Adhesive Tape.. Screw and Tape.. Hanging.. Magnetic strip.. (Not for nameplates).. Suction Cups.. Table Stand.. (Width 203 mm).. Arial.. Arial Black.. Comic Sans MS.. Courier New.. Georgia.. Impact.. Tahoma.. Times New Roman.. Trebuchet MS.. Close Window.. HTML-Code.. Centre Text.. Horizontal.. Vertical.. Center Text (vertically).. Center Text (horizontally).. Close Window.. Rounded Corners (thick).. Square (thick).. Triangle top.. Triangle top (thick).. Height.. mm.. Width.. Left.. Right.. Top.. Bottom.. Reset image.. Center image (vertically).. Center image (horizontally).. Remove Image.. x.. Total:.. (.. Incl.. VAT).. Testa hojden.. Scale.. 1:1.. Add Your Sign to the Basket.. Line.. Item.. Price.. Number.. Amount.. DISCOUNT -.. Total.. VAT (.. %).. VAT.. €0.. 75.. €3.. Proceed to Checkout.. View and change items in your basket..

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  • Title: Sign Examples - Sign-O-Matic
    Descriptive info: Or design your own sign:.. PLASTIC SIGN.. ALUMINIUM.. NAME BADGE.. ACRYLIC SIGN.. WOOD SIGN.. VINYL TEXT.. More signs categories »..

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  • Title: Frequently asked questions - Sign-O-Matic
    Descriptive info: Frequently asked questions.. How long does delivery take?.. Plastic and wooden signs are delivered within 7 business days.. Express delivery takes 3-4 business days.. Aluminium and acrylic signs, as well as vinyl text, are delivered within 12 business days.. What are the maximum dimensions for the various signs?.. 510 x 330 mm for plastic and wooden signs.. 590 x 590 mm for acrylic signs.. 1500 x 600 mm for aluminium signs.. How thick are the signs?.. Plastic signs are 1.. 6 mm thick, wooden signs 4 mm, acrylic signs are 8 mm and aluminium signs are 1.. 5 mm thick.. Wall mounts are 19 mm from the wall.. How much do signs cost?.. Prices vary depending on size, text and attachment method.. On the design page the prices are visible while you are designing your sign (to the right of the image on the sign).. How do you order signs?.. You can either make your sign from scratch on our design page or select one of our ready-made signs and adapt it to your requirements.. Once you have added your signs to the shopping cart, you can proceed to order your signs.. Is ordering online the only option?.. Ordering is normally handled through our website.. If you have any questions, feel free to call or email us.. We can place the order for  ...   signs you can also add colour images.. Use vectorised images with CMYK colours for the best results.. Can I include more than one sign per order?.. Yes.. After adding your first sign to the shopping cart, you can then design your next sign and add that to your shopping cart, etc.. When you have completed all your signs, you then place the order for all the signs in your shopping cart.. How much is shipping and handling?.. Shipping and handling is a flat 3.. 00 plus VAT per order.. How do I pay for my order?.. You can pay your order online by credit card (we accept Visa and MasterCard).. How do I change my contact details?.. Sign into the Customer Zone with your customer number and password.. In the Customer Zone you can change your address, add another billing address and view your previous orders.. Can I re-order signs that I previously ordered?.. In the Customer Zone, you can view your previous orders.. Click on an earlier order and then click on the sign you wish to order again.. The sign will now open on the design page and you can re-order it.. Can I return the sign if I'm not satisfied?.. If you are not satisfied with your sign, please contact our customer service.. Please have your customer number at hand..

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  • Title: Send a question to us - Sign-O-Matic
    Descriptive info: Send a question to us.. Name.. E-mail*.. Confirm e-mail*.. Question*.. Hello! I would like to ask.. *Required fields.. Send Question.. Address.. Box 21.. 43321 Partille.. Sweden.. E-Mail.. info@signomatic.. Phone.. Mon-Fri 8am-3pm.. 020-35 14 98 31.. VAT-Nr.. 923 0484 42..

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  • Title: Plastic Sign - Design Page
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  • Title: Name Badge - Design Page
    Descriptive info: Military.. name_sign.. Sign Width.. Sign Height.. Gold/Black.. Silver/Black.. Wood - Oak.. Needle.. Magnet..

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  • Title: Wood Sign - Design Page
    Descriptive info: Oak (Not Outside).. Wall Distance..

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  • Title: Aluminium Sign - Design Page
    Descriptive info: aluminium_sign.. Automatic.. 12 cm.. 16 cm.. 20 cm.. 25 cm.. 30 cm.. 40 cm.. 50 cm.. 60 cm.. 70 cm.. 80 cm.. 90 cm.. 100 cm.. 110 cm.. 120 cm.. 130 cm.. 140 cm.. 150 cm.. 5 cm.. 7 cm.. 10 cm.. 15 cm.. Background Colour.. Aluminium.. Text Colour..

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  • Title: Acrylic Sign - Design Page
    Descriptive info: acryl_sign..

    Original link path: /signomatic/acrylsign
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  • Title: Vinyl Text - Design Page
    Descriptive info: Du har inte valt material på texten.. Texten har inte lagts i kundvagnen.. text.. Width.. Height..

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