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    Descriptive info: .. MAIN MENU.. About the awards.. Prizes.. How to enter.. Previous winners.. Videos.. Contact.. Submit.. Skip.. Got an idea?.. The.. Student Entrepreneur Awards.. are looking for.. ideas that blow our minds!.. Ideas that one day.. could become a business.. First prize is 10,000.. Solo artist or.. team player?.. Work by yourself or as part of a team!.. Whatever combination as long.. as it’s a great idea.. Be a winner!.. Watch our new videos.. to find out  ...   about your idea.. Send us a 210 second video.. that explains why it's so brilliant.. It can be as elaborate or.. as simple as you want as long.. as it communicates your.. great idea!.. Submit your idea.. You can submit your idea by simply.. clicking the.. submit.. button, uploading.. your video and filling out your details.. It's that simple.. Closing date: June 2015.. Successful applicants will be asked.. to provide a business plan.. at a later date..

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  • Title: About the Awards |
    Descriptive info: About the Awards.. Are you a third level student with a business idea that will blow our minds?.. If you have an idea with real commercial potential then the Student Entrepreneur Awards 2015 is the competition for you.. It could be the first step on the way to being your own boss.. There’s an incredible first place cash prize of €10,000 to be won plus the opportunity to avail of €30,000 worth of specialist advice and assistance to potentially help turn your enterprise idea into a business reality.. So get a team together for the most exciting challenge of your life so far….. Sponsored by Enterprise Ireland, Invest Northern Ireland, Intel, Cruickshank Intellectual Property Attorneys and Grant Thornton, the Student Entrepreneur Awards offers third level students from all academic disciplines and courses of study the opportunity to realise their entrepreneurial ambitions.. 5 reasons to enter.. Win €10,000.. Cash to kickstart your business is reason enough, but if you need more convincing then keep reading.. Helps you stand out.. In today’s competitive employment market, showing initiative and drive can go a long way.. Enhances your CV.. As a winner of this prestigious award you’ll have demonstrated the skills, commitment and innovation employers seek.. Opportunity to become an entrepreneur.. Be your own boss with unique support from the Student Entrepreneur Awards.. A potential career.. Previous winners are now  ...   times to help you to develop your business idea.. To get in contact with the business mentors go to the.. Dates to Remember.. First round closing date – 17.. th.. March 2015.. Submit your video no more than 210 seconds.. Remember, we re looking for ideas that excite us, with real potential to become businesses in the future.. Keep it snappy, make it memorable, explain it clearly.. Shortlist announced 1st April 2015.. The shortlist of 50 projects will be announced.. These projects will go forward to the second round.. Second round closing date for entries 30th April 2015.. The top 50 video pitches will be requested to submit a business plan to the competition by Wednesday 30.. April –.. click to download template.. You can only submit a business plan if you have been shortlisted.. 10 finalists will be selected from this by judges for final judging and participation in the closing ceremony.. Finalists notified 15th May 2015.. Ten finalists will be selected from the shortlist.. The finalists will be asked to make a presentation to the judging panel week commencing 7th June 2015.. Finals June 2015.. Ten projects will go forward to the final.. The finalists will present their ideas to the judging panel week in June 2015 at the University of Ulster.. This day long session concludes with the Student Entrepreneur Awards ceremony.. SPONSORED BY..

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  • Title: Prizes |
    Descriptive info: With an unrivalled combination of cash prizes and consultancy, the Student Entrepreneur Awards is your opportunity to turn a great idea into a winning project, cash and even a business!.. CASH.. Overall winner €10,000.. Cruickshank High Achieving Merit Award €5,000.. Cash prize sponsored by Cruickshank Intellectual Property Attorneys for exceptional business idea.. Grant Thornton High Achieving Merit Award €5,000.. Cash prize sponsored by Grant Thornton for exceptional business idea.. NEW Intel ICT Award €5,000 plus an all expenses paid trip.. Cash prize and an all expenses paid trip and mentoring for the Intel Challenge Europe Awards 2015 for a selected finalist.. NEW Enterprise Ireland Roots in Research Award €5,000.. Every year the Irish Government funds thousands of research projects in Higher Education Institutes.. Roots in Research  ...   funds your research project.. Permission is required from your Research Supervisor to submit an entry.. To find out more about state-funded research in Ireland.. click here.. Merit Awards Fund €5,000.. The Merit Awards recognise the outstanding achievement of reaching the final.. Overall, Cruickshank High Achieving Merit Award, Grant Thornton High Achieving Merit Award and Intel Award winners are excluded from the Merit Awards.. Institute Award Fund.. Enterprise Ireland provide the €500 cash prize to the internal competitions in the institutions throughout the year.. The judging and awarding of the cash prize is undertaken by the individual institutions.. CONSULTANCY.. €15,000.. overall business advice and mentoring from Enterprise Ireland Invest NI.. €12,500.. Intellectual property consultancy and protection from Cruickshank Intellectual Property Attorneys.. €2,500.. Business plan development from Grant Thornton..

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  • Title: How to Enter |
    Descriptive info: How to Enter.. Get on the road to success.. This year s competition has three stages.. Stage 1 Create a video and submit your entry.. We re looking for great ideas with commercial and export potential.. The first step is to submit a video that shows us how great your idea is.. Let us know.. What the product is.. Who you think will buy it.. How quickly you can commercialise it.. Its export potential.. Is there a competitor? if yes, why is your idea better?.. If your idea is based on a research project funded by the State.. Your project may be eligible to enter both the ‘Roots in  ...   more!.. To enter and submit your video.. Closing date 17.. 03.. 2015.. Stage 2 Submit a business plan.. The top 50 entries received will be shortlisted and asked to submit a business plan.. Get help.. Practical advice is available from Enterprise Ireland and Invest Northern Ireland business mentors.. to find out how to contact them.. Third level academic mentors are available to help you complete the business plan.. to find out how to contact your local academic mentor.. Download business plan template.. Closing date 30.. 04.. Stage 3 Final judging.. You will be asked to present your idea to the judging panel in June 2015 at the University of Ulster..

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  • Title: 2014 |
    Descriptive info: 2014.. 2013.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. 2009.. 2008.. First Prize Little Deli.. IDEA.. The Little Deli is a solution that lets customers easily and efficiently pre-order and pre-pay for their lunch from local delis and cafes, at their own convenience.. By ordering through the app, customers can now skip the queue and save their valuable time.. Little Deli allows delis to reach out to new and existing customers 24/7, letting them order from anywhere, at anytime.. By using the app, it enables delis to prepare orders earlier, making their rush hour more efficient, productive and profitable.. With Little Deli, both delis and customers win turning lunchtime into something beautiful..  ...   video game and movie industries takes too long and costs too much.. Artomatix proprietary technology enables a computer to simulate human-like artistic creativity.. Their software helps digital artists make art faster, cheaper and better.. This company has moved from strength to strength since the competition.. Eric Risser.. Technology innovation Motus.. Motus is a complete joint rehabilitation and treatment system that motivates the client to achieve their recovery goals and empowers the physiotherapist in making effective treatment decisions for the benefit of their client.. The product provides a constant link between the physiotherapist and the client, thus maintaining a structured and motivated approach to the rehabilitation process.. Darren O Connor..

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  • Title: Videos |
    Descriptive info: Video Playlist.. What impresses the judges.. Paul Phelan talks about what the judges are looking for and how to impress them.. Why students should enter.. Frankie McCourt, Invest NI, talks about the importance of the cash prize, mentoring and professional services winners receive.. Why the Student Entrepreneur Awards are unique.. Richard Murphy, Enterprise Ireland talks about how the Awards can help students start their own business and what previous winners are doing now.. A  ...   her idea.. Why Students Should get Involved.. Sean O Leary explains why students should get involved in the Awards and why it is an invaluable learning experience.. How the Team was put Together.. How Kieran O’Callaghan put his VisionRE team together and went onto win the Most Technologically Advanced Prize in 2009.. Tips and Advice on how to Win.. Tips and advice on how to win from the winning team of 2010 University of Ulster..

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  • Title: Contact |
    Descriptive info: Republic of Ireland entrants.. For information about the competition, Enterprise Ireland business mentors and academic mentors contact Gillian Slattery:.. Gillian.. slattery@enterprise-ireland.. com.. Tel: 061 777 027.. Northern Ireland entrants.. For information about the competition, Invest Northern Ireland business mentors and academic mentors contact Frankie McCourt:.. frankie.. mccourt@investni.. Tel: 028 90 698 200..

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  • Title: Submit |
    Descriptive info: To enter the competition you first need to select a category.. This is your chance to win €10,000 cash plus all the support you need to get your business idea of the ground all you need.. The first step is to send us your video pitch for your business idea.. 50 submissions will be  ...   Student Entrepreneur Awards.. Roots in Research.. This is your chance to win €5,000 cash.. The first step is to send us a video explaining the commercial potential of the research project you are involved in.. 5 submissions will be shortlisted and go forward to the next stage in the competition.. Enter Roots in Research Award..

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  • Title: 2013 |
    Descriptive info: First Prize MasTech.. Mastitis has a significant adverse economic effect on dairy farmers throughout the world.. Currently, most detection methods available are for the bulk milk tank.. These methods do not facilitate rapid isolation of the infected cow.. The developing MasTech™ product is designed to enable early identification of the infected cow during the milking process.. The MasTech™ product, developed by multi-disciplinary student team, AH TechnologyTM, is unique in that it is an automated device which can be retrofit to any existing milking parlour and will test the milk sample during the milking process causing minimal disruption to the farmer.. The early identification and isolation of the infected cow by MasTech™ has major animal welfare and husbandry benefits for the cow and herd, and also has significant and on-going financial benefits for the farmer, creamery, and milk processor.. Students.. Nicola O’Mahony.. Donal Carey.. Kenneth Barry.. Damien McAuliffe.. Ciaran Malone.. Owen Mc Donagh.. James Cahill.. Most Technologically Innovative Idea Hush Hush Hairdryers.. The Hush Hush Hairdyers device™, product of multidisciplinary student team Sweet Sounding Electrics™, provides a novel, effective and unobtrusive method of hair dryer noise reduction within both the home  ...   Kearney.. Shane O’Driscoll.. Niamh Ryan.. Emerging and Dynamic company of the year Rooties Crisps.. Today’s snack market is becoming continually more conscious of overall health and wellbeing.. Current trends are for low fat, high protein products.. Rooties offers a convenient alternative to crisps and other snack products.. Rooties are a healthy snack made from root vegetables containing little fat and fortified with protein.. The team’s aim is to take the humble parsnip, carrot and beetroot, and preserve their natural affiliation with health while exposing the vegetables to the flavours of the world.. Breffney O’Dowling-Keane.. Maeve O’Mahony.. Teresa Daly.. Rebecca Geaney.. Muireann Lynch.. Cait Lynch.. Intel prize Xpress LF.. The XpressLF team is producing a new, innovative and cost effective tool for the automotive service industry.. The product itself is a tyre pressure monitoring system (TPMS) activation tool.. XpressLF is responding to European legislative changes that will ensure that all cars will soon have to be installed with a tyre pressure monitoring system.. The innovative idea of utilising a smartphone allows XpressLF to drive down cost, yet offer more functionality than competitors.. Vincent Burns.. Ronan Corrigan.. Alan Barr.. James Crawford.. Matthew Magill..

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  • Title: 2012 |
    Descriptive info: First prize DRS.. ie.. The team are First Year Engineering Students at NUI Galway.. DRS.. ie stands for Drag Reduction Systems.. The team have invented a drag reduction device which can reduce the drag between a truck and its container load so significantly that it will reduce fuel consumption of the truck by 8%.. This balloon type devise is attached to the back of a truck and has two side air inlets.. These air inlets allow the balloon to inflate, filling the drag producing gap between the truck and the container, when it is moving at speed but also allow it to deflate when it is stationary or travelling at slow speeds.. The importance of the deflating of the device is that the product doesn’t get damaged when the truck is making tight manoeuvres.. Dearbhaile Forde.. Justin Conboy.. Garrett Archbold.. Most  ...   always been a problem; a reclined seat intrudes the personal space of the passenger behind who has no control over this.. The Apex airline seat is the solution, with its unique design allowing the passenger to enjoy the same levels of recline without introducing this problem by reclining within its own space.. Emerging and Dynamic company of the year Zooplar.. Zooplar is a new type of business.. The team are building world-class brand engagement platforms that enable companies and creative agencies to deploy innovative digital media campaigns that create meaningful connections between the brand and its customers.. Personalisation of the user experience is at the heart of everything Zooplar does.. Their product Social AR is the world’s first augmented reality platform that runs on Facebook and through a unique architecture provides each user with a personalised brand experience.. Brian Corish.. Gillian Barrett..

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  • Title: 2011 |
    Descriptive info: First Prize Team Prometheus.. During the course of resolving an emergency situation a fire fighter may become incapacitated as fire fighters intentionally go into the heart of an emergency situation they expose themselves to high levels of risk.. It is important to know their status and location in case a fire fighter becomes incapacitated in the line of duty, in order to recover them as quickly as possible.. This system measures the vital signs and location of a fire fighter non-intrusively in real-time.. Also this device detects the coordination of fire fighters as it can pinpoint the exact location of each member of a fire crew in real-time to manage them effectively.. Oisin O Doinn.. Eoin Markey.. Second Place Cordou.. The vision of Cordou is to produce a range of apps that deal with health conditions by providing technical support and information to sufferers of autism and carers alike.. One app called ‘Walk with me’ is a simple personal guide for an autistic person to carry with them as a visual step by step guide on a journey such as an airport.. This app will instill confidence in  ...   dynamic movements of lifting a jumper.. He utilizes a stack of weights, with the chosen weight adjustable and levered by cables so it is double sided such that two lifters can lever the stack of weights (the jumper).. Furthermore, he has introduced a design mechanism such that if the timing of the lift is wrong, or one lifter is bearing significantly more strain than the other lifter, then the stack of weights would not move through its receptacle, and a successful lift will not have been completed.. Phil Patterson.. Third Place Safetext.. SafeText has been formed to develop various mobile platform reminder applications and web services aiming to improve non-adherence and poor compliance of medication.. The initial offering is a new niche product for women using oral contraception, providing them with a text message reminder service.. The service aims to do the thinking for its users, reminding them to take their oral contraception at the correct time each day.. SafeText aims to specifically target female students in colleges and universities in Ireland and the UK in the first and second year of its operations.. Liam Ryan.. Chris Rooney..

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