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    Archived pages: 161 . Archive date: 2014-10.

  • Title: e-publications@RCSI | Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Research
    Descriptive info: .. Skip to main content.. e-publications@RCSI.. Home.. About.. FAQ.. My Account.. Explore Collections.. Follow.. Faculty, School, Department.. RCSI Bahrain.. Journals and peer-reviewed series.. Theses and Dissertations.. Authors.. About the Repository.. e-publications@RCSI is an open access repository of research and scholarly output of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.. The service is maintained and managed by RCSI Library.. View Larger.. At a Glance.. Top 10 Downloads.. All time.. Recent Additions.. 20 most recent additions.. Paper of the Day.. Non-EU migrant doctors in Ireland: applying a typology of health worker migration.. Niamh Humphries,  ...   search terms:.. Select context to search:.. in this repository.. across all repositories.. Advanced Search.. Notify me via email or.. RSS.. Links.. RCSI Library.. Publisher policies.. Open Access Ireland.. National Principles for Open Access.. Lenus: Irish health repository.. Rian: pathways to Irish research.. Browse.. Collections.. Disciplines.. Years.. Author Corner.. Author FAQ.. Policies.. Submit Research.. Submission Instructions.. This collection is part of the.. Digital Commons Network.. Architecture.. Arts and Humanities.. Business.. Education.. Engineering.. Law.. Life Sciences.. Medicine and Health Sciences.. Physical Sciences and Mathematics.. Social and Behavioral Sciences.. Digital Commons.. |.. Contact.. Accessibility Statement..

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  • Title: About Institutional Repositories | e-publications@RCSI | Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Research
    Descriptive info: About the repository.. e-publications@RCSI is an open access institutional repository of research and scholarly output of the Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland.. The repository aims include:.. To develop an open-access repository for research staff and students to deposit their academic work so it is freely available on the internet.. To aid in disseminating RCSI and related research work to a wider audience, thus increasing worldwide exposure to this work.. To provide a central archive and record of research work both for the College and for an individual researcher.. To help RCSI researchers fulfill their funding authority's open access mandate – see further details below.. A number of Irish research funding authorities now  ...   Board (HRB) –.. The National Steering Committee on Open Access Policy is a committee of Irish research organisations that is working in partnership to coordinate activities and to combine expertise at a national level to promote unrestricted, online access to outputs which result from research that is wholly or partially funded by the State.. The.. National Principles for Open Access policy statement.. was launched in October 2012.. To search other Irish university/HE open access repositories, please see:.. The IREL-Open Project website at.. http://www.. irel-open.. ie.. RIAN.. - a portal for institutional repositories of seven Irish universities (DCU, NUIG, NUIM, TCD, UCC, UCD and UL) and DIT.. See further information in the.. Policies web page..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions | e-publications@RCSI | Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Research
    Descriptive info: Frequently Asked Questions.. I don't have electronic versions of old working papers that I'd like to include in the repository.. Is it okay to scan the printed page to a.. PDF.. file?.. When I copy and paste abstracts into the Submit form, some formatted text reverts to plain text.. What's going on?.. How do I include accents and special characters in the abstracts and titles?.. How do I revise a submission?.. How can I submit a multi-part file, such as multiple chapters for a book?.. Can I post related files (sound clips, data sets, etc.. ) alongside the published article?.. Can I post a reprint from a journal?.. A working paper in our repository site has been published in a slightly revised form in a journal.. What should I do?.. Yes--scanning printed pages is a great way to create.. files for inclusion in the repository.. There are two ways to scan a page: using.. OCR.. (Optical Character Recognition) or scanning the page as an image.. Making.. scans requires careful proofreading and loses the original formatting of the documents.. Image scans cannot be searched.. The best solution takes advantage of both of these methods.. Many software applications allow for the.. capture of image scans.. When documents are scanned this way, users see the image scan but search the full-text of the document.. This is the preferred method for scanning documents for the repository.. { top }.. When copying abstracts from a word processing file or a.. file, and pasting the text into the submission form, you are taking text from an environment that supports fonts and text style changes.. Because the abstract is intended to be presented on the web, text styles must be specified using HTML codes.. If submitting an abstract in.. HTML.. format, please be sure to select the corresponding option on the submission form.. The following.. tags are recognized by the system and may be used to format an abstract (use lowercase tags):.. How to include HTML tags.. HTML tags.. p - paragraph.. p.. This is the first paragraph.. /p.. This is the second paragraph.. br - line break.. This is a line of text with a linebreak here.. br.. This is text after.. strong - strong/bold.. strong.. bold text.. /strong.. em - italics/emphasis.. em.. italicized text.. /em.. sub - subscript.. Text with.. sub.. subscript..  ...   open the first.. file, then choose.. Document>Insert Pages.. from Acrobat's menus to insert the second file (indicate it should go after the last page of the first file), and repeat for all documents.. The result will be one compound.. file which may then be submitted.. If you feel that the one large.. file might be too large for some people to download, we suggest that you submit the consolidated file as the full text of the article, and then upload the separate chapters or sections of the document as.. Associated Files.. These files will appear on the web page alongside the complete document.. For more information about uploading associated files, see.. below.. Yes.. The bepress system refers to these supplementary items as.. You will be prompted to submit Associated Files when you upload your submissions.. The name of the files you upload will appear on the web site along with your short description of it.. Viewers must have the necessary software to open your files; that is not provided by the bepress system.. Please be sure that there are no permissions issues related to use of the associated material.. Sometimes, especially with images, you must write a letter seeking permission to use the material before it can be posted.. Also note that where possible, items such as images, charts and tables that are referenced in the document (or otherwise an integral part of the document) should be included directly in the article itself and not posted just as associated files.. It depends on what the journal allows, which is usually specified in their agreement with the author.. If it would not violate copyright to post the reprint on your repository site, you're welcome to do so.. Permissions for many publishers can be found at.. SHERPA RoMEO.. Many journals do not have any restrictions on working papers that preceded an article, especially if substantial revisions were made.. You should check your author agreement with the journal to confirm that there is no problem with leaving the working paper on the site.. The repository would constitute noncommercial use.. Assuming the working paper does remain on posted in the repository, it is a good idea to include the citation to the published article on the cover page of the repository working paper.. Please contact the repository administrator to request this change..

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  • Title: Browse by Faculty, School, Department | e-publications@RCSI | Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Research
    Descriptive info: Browse by Faculty, School, Department.. Content posted here has been selected and deposited by the individual campus groups.. For more information, see.. Expand.. Collapse.. All.. Centre for Human Proteomics.. Centre for Human Proteomics Articles.. Clinical Research Centre.. Clinical Research Centre Articles.. COSECSA/RCSI Collaboration Programme.. COSECSA/RCSI Collaboration Programme Conference Proceedings and Posters.. Department of Anatomy.. Anatomy Articles.. Anatomy Conference Proceedings and Posters.. Division of Biology.. Division of Biology Articles.. Division of Biology Conference Proceedings and Posters.. Division of Biology Reports.. Department of Cancer Genetics.. Cancer Genetics Articles.. Department of Clinical Microbiology.. Clinical Microbiology Articles.. Department of Clinical Neurological Sciences.. Clinical Neurological Sciences Articles.. Department of Geriatric and Stroke Medicine.. Geriatric and Stroke Medicine Articles.. Department of International Health and Tropical Medicine.. International Health and Tropical Medicine Articles.. Department of Medicine.. Medicine Articles.. Department of Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics.. Molecular and Cellular Therapeutics Articles.. Department of Molecular Medicine.. Molecular Medicine Articles.. Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology.. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Articles.. Obstetrics and Gynaecology Reports.. Department of Otolaryngology.. Otolaryngology Articles.. Department of Paediatrics.. Department of Paediatrics Articles.. Department of Pathology.. Pathology Articles.. Department of Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry.. Pharmaceutical and Medicinal Chemistry Articles.. Department of Physiology and Medical Physics.. Physiology and Medical  ...   Practice Articles.. General Practice Conference Proceedings and Posters.. General Practice Reports.. Department of Psychology.. Psychology Articles.. Psychology Conference Proceedings and Posters.. Psychology Reports.. Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery.. Faculty of Nursing and Midwifery Articles.. Institute of Leadership.. Institute of Leadership Articles.. Institute of Leadership Conference Proceedings and Posters.. Institute of Leadership Reports.. Intensive Care Unit, Beaumont Hospital.. Intensive Care Unit, Beaumont Hospital Reports.. Library.. Library Articles.. Library Conference Proceedings and Posters.. Medical Education/Health Professions Education.. Medical Education/Health Professions Education Articles.. Medical Education/Health Professions Education Conference Proceedings and Posters.. Medical Education/Health Professions Education video, podcasts, etc.. Neurosciences, Cochlear Implant, and ENT Directorate, Beaumont Hospital.. NeuroCENT Nursing Research Team.. NeuroCENT Nursing Research Team Articles.. Family and Community Medicine.. Family and Community Medicine Articles.. Language and Culture Unit.. Language and Culture Unit Articles.. School of Pharmacy.. School of Pharmacy Articles.. School of Pharmacy Reports.. School of Physiotherapy.. School of Physiotherapy Articles.. School of Physiotherapy Conference Proceedings and Posters.. School of Physiotherapy Reports.. Surgery (The Colles Institute).. Surgery (The Colles Institute) Articles.. Surgery (The Colles Institute) Surgical Clinical Guidelines.. Surgery (The Colles Institute) video, podcasts, etc.. Masters theses/dissertations - taught courses.. MCh by research theses.. MD theses.. MSc by research theses.. PhD theses..

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  • Title: Browse Journals and Peer-Reviewed Series | e-publications@RCSI | Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Research
    Descriptive info: Browse Journals and Peer-Reviewed Series.. (School of Pharmacy).. ISSN 1234-1234..

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  • Title: Browse by Author | e-publications@RCSI | Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Research
    Descriptive info: Browse by Author.. Listing of authors who have works in this repository as of October 07, 2014.. Click the name of an author to see a listing of that person's work.. A.. B.. C.. D.. E.. F.. G.. H.. I.. J.. K.. L.. M.. N.. O.. P.. Q.. R.. S.. T.. U.. V.. W.. X.. Y.. Z.. Aalbers, Jolien.. (Docs: 1).. Abdulmahdi, Layla.. Aboud, Kate.. Abu Othman, Amalina.. Abubaker, Khalid.. AbuHaliga, Abdullah.. Agbata, Ifeoma.. Agboji, Aderonke.. Aikens, Mary.. Akasheh, Nadim.. Al Agha, Ahmed.. Al Araimi, Maryam.. Al Bannai, Hasan.. Al Hannan, Fatima.. Al Ibrahim, Muhammed.. Al Kaabi, Abdulla.. Al Khabi, Abdulla.. Al-Agha, Rany.. Al-Alawi, Mazen.. (Docs: 4).. Al-Azawi, Dhafir.. Al-Hilli, Zahra.. Al-Munajjed, Amir.. (Docs: 5).. Al-Sabah, Fadel.. Al-Saffar, Ali.. Alcock, Leah.. (Docs: 3).. Alhashmi, Rand.. Alhusaini, Saud.. (Docs: 2).. Allen, Seamus.. Almuqamam, Mohamed.. Altenbuchner, Cornelia.. Alvarez, S.. Alzamora, Rodrigo.. Amadi-Obi, Ahjoku.. Amin, Mohamed.. Amir, N.. Anguissola, Sergio.. Anilkumar, Ujval.. Aparicio-Erriu, Isabela.. Armitage, Deirdre.. Arnett, Richard.. Arumugasamy, Mayilone.. Athman, Rahma.. Aurrekoetxea, Igor.. Austin, Sandra.. Baars, Sabine.. Babiker, E.. Babina, Irina.. Babovic, Daniela.. Baker, Joseph.. Balfe, Myles.. (Docs: 13).. Barker, Maja.. Barlow, James.. Barrett, Helen.. Barry, Emma.. Barry, Helen.. Barry, M.. Bartels, Constantin.. Basnet, Samjhana.. Bass, Gary.. Baumann, B.. Behan, Aine.. Bellini, Gea.. Bergin, David.. Bergsson, Gudmundur.. Bernas, Tytus.. Berndt, Michael.. Bertelsen, Lone.. Beveridge, Allan.. Bholah, Tariq.. Biesma, Regien.. Billington, Jennifer.. Blanchard, Mathieu.. Blanchard-Gutton, Nicolas.. Boduszek, Daniel.. Boland, Fiona.. Boland, Karen.. Boland, Michael.. Bonner, Caroline.. Bonner, Helena.. Borgan, Saif.. Bourke, Ashling.. (Docs: 6).. Boyd, Mary.. Boyle, Emily.. Bradford, Aidan.. Bradley, Marie.. Brady, Adam.. Brady, Garrett.. Brady, P.. Branagan, Peter.. Bray, Isabella.. (Docs: 7).. Breathnach, Fionnuala.. Breathnach, O.. Breen, B.. Breen, Bridget.. Breen, Eamon.. Brennan, Gary.. Brennan, Kieran.. Brennan, Marian.. Brennan, Orlaith.. Brennan, Stephen.. Brickell, Kathy.. Broe, Patrick.. Browne, Jayne.. Browne, John.. Bruce-Brand, Robert.. Brugha, Ruairi.. (Docs: 48).. Bruschi, Simone.. Bryan, Kenneth.. Buckley, C.. Buckley, Patrick.. Bunk, Eva.. Burke, Helen.. Burke, Liam.. Burke, Neil.. Burns, Annette.. Burns, Jane.. Bury, Gerard.. Bustos, Viviana.. Butler, B.. Butler, Joseph.. Butler, Marcus.. Butler, Ryan.. Byrne, B.. Byrne, Connie.. Byrne, Elaine.. Byrne, Jennifer.. Byrne, Joanne.. Byrne, Michael.. Byrne, Molly.. Byrne, Sinead.. Cagney, Gerard.. Cahir, Caitriona.. Caiazza, Francesco.. Campion, Anna.. Cannon, Mary.. (Docs: 12).. Carroll, Tomás.. Cavalleri, Gianpiero.. Chalissery, Albi.. Chan, Wai-Sun.. Chavira, Melissa.. Chen, Hong.. Chew, N.. Chotirmall, Sanjay.. Chubb, Anthony.. Chung, Ho-Lam.. Cid, L.. Clancy, K.. Clancy, Maurice.. Clancy, Michele.. Clarke, Eric.. Clarke, Mary.. Clarke, Niamh.. Claro, Tania.. Clear, Daniel.. Cleary, Brian J.. Cleary, Brian.. Clifford, Jeremiah.. Clinical Guidelines Committee.. Clyne, Barbara.. Cocchiglia, Sinéad.. Coleman, Lorraine.. Collins, Anne.. Collins, Dearbhaile.. Collins, Patrick.. Concannon, Caoimhín.. Concannon, Caoimhin.. Conlon, Susie.. Connolly, John.. Connolly, Niamh.. Connor, Dearbhla.. Conroy, Ronán.. Conroy, Ronan.. Conry, Mary.. Corr, Bernie.. Corrigan, Derek.. Corrigan, Laura.. Corrigan, Mark.. Cosco, Theodore.. (Docs: 15).. Cosgrove, Sonya.. Costello, Richard.. Cotter, David.. Coughlan, Catherine.. Coughlan, Helen.. Coughlan, Karen.. Coull, Graham.. Courtney, Brenda.. Cousins, Grainne.. Cousins, Gráinne.. Cowman, Seamus.. (Docs: 10).. Cox, Dermot.. Cox, Rachel.. Creamer, Eilish.. Creevey, Laura.. Croke, David.. Cronin, Patricia.. Cronin, Simon.. Crowley, Rachel.. Cryan, Sally-Ann.. Cuddy, Vanessa.. Cummins, Fionnan.. Cummins, Robert.. Cunney, Robert.. Currid, Caroline.. Currie, Laura.. Curry, Philip.. Curtain, James.. Curtain, Ronan.. Cuthill, Jane.. Daly, Jacqueline.. Daruwalla, Zubin.. Das, J.. Das, Manas.. Das, Sudipto.. David, Ileana.. Dávila, David.. Davila, David.. de Barra, Mairead.. de Blacam, Catherine.. De Chaumont, Ciaran.. De La Harpe, Davida.. de Lacy, Jacqueline.. de Oliveira, Ana Lucia.. Delaney, Mary.. Delaney, Sarah.. Delanty, Norman.. Delgado, M.. Dempsey, M.. Denieffe, Suzanne.. Desgranges, Stephane.. Devitt, Brian.. Devkaran, Subashnie.. Devlin, Nina.. Devocelle, Marc.. Dicker, Patrick.. Dillane, T.. Dillon, Ciara.. Dimitrov, Borislav.. (Docs: 23).. Disetti, Paolo.. Doherty, Eva.. (Docs: 8).. Doherty, Glen.. Doherty, Niall.. Doherty, Sally.. Dolan, Anthony.. Dolan, Ciara.. Domingo-Fernandez, Raquel.. Donatello, Simona.. Donnelly, Jean.. Dooley, Dolores.. Dooley, Michelle.. Dooley, Ruth.. Dorrian, Sarah.. D'Orsi, Beatrice.. Doyle, Aoife.. Doyle, Frank.. (Docs: 45).. Drumm, Bernard.. du Preez, Martella.. Duffy, Garry.. Dunleavy, Mark.. Dunlevy, F.. Dunne, Ben.. Dunne, Eimear.. Düssmann, Heiko.. (Docs: 9).. Dyck, Lydia.. Ebrahim, Mohamed.. Edgar, Anunciacion.. Edwards, Richard.. Egan, Karl.. El-Khoury, R.. Ellis, Catriona.. Elmusharaf, Khalifa.. Eman, Tawash.. Engel, Tobias.. English, Jane.. Eshdooh, Samir.. Fahey, Tom.. (Docs: 35).. Falk, Gavin.. Faraj, Fuad.. Farrell, Eric.. Farrell, Michael.. Feeney, Anne.. Feeney, Luke.. Fenner, Beau.. Finn, Frances.. Fisher, Mike.. Fitzgerald, Anthony.. Fitzgerald, Desmond.. Fitzgerald-Hughes, Deirdre.. Fitzpatrick, F.. Fitzpatrick, Fidelma.. Fitzpatrick, Paul.. Fitzpatrick, S.. Flanagan, Lorna.. Flavin, Padraic.. Fleming, Ann.. Flood, Karen.. Flood, Michelle.. Floyd, Olwen.. Flynn, Maeve.. Flynn, Maura.. Flynn, Rachel.. Föcking, Melanie.. Foley, David.. Foley, Niamh.. Fox, Fiona.. Frankson, Michelle.. French, Helen.. Furlong, Heidi.. Galvin, Patrick.. Galvin, Rose.. Galvin, Sandra.. Garavan, Rebecca.. Gaughan, Kevin.. Gaynor, Declan.. Geary, MIchael.. Geraghty, Colm.. Geraghty, Patrick.. Gethin, Georgina.. Ghorab, Hatem.. Gibbons, Aileen.. Gibson, Lorna.. Giesen, Leonie.. Gilani, Syeda.. Gill, Denis.. Gillen, Peter.. Gilligan, P.. Gilligan, Peadar.. Gilligan, Pedar.. Gilsenan, Clare.. Gleeson, John.. Global HIV/AIDS Initiatives Network.. Glynn, Fergal.. Golla, Kalyan.. Goode, Helen.. Gould, Edith..  ...   Peter.. McAleese, Sara.. McBride, Orla.. McCabe, Grainne.. McCabe, Olive.. McCall, Meadhbh.. McCartan, Damian.. McCarthy, Catherine.. McCarthy, Cormac.. McCarthy, Geraldine.. McCarthy, Nina.. McCarthy, Sarah.. McCarthy, Sheila.. McCarthy, Siobhan.. McCawley, Niamh.. McConkey, S.. McConkey, Samuel.. McConn Walsh, Rory.. McCormack, Cliona.. McCormack, Damian.. McCormack, Mark.. McCourt, John.. McCoy, Ryan.. McDermott, Claire.. McDonnell, Ronan.. McElvaney, Noel.. (Docs: 33).. McEneaney, Victoria.. McEvoy, Linda.. McFadden, Tara.. McGee, Hannah.. (Docs: 118).. McGowan, Yvonne.. McGrath, Brid.. McGuigan, Kevin.. McHale, Noel.. McHugh, E.. McHugh, Seamus.. McKiernan, Ross.. McLean, Caitriona.. McLoughlin, Darren.. McNally, Maggie.. McNally, Paul.. McNicholas, Sinead.. McSherry, Elaine.. Meade, Gerardene.. Meagher, Frances.. Meehan, Maria.. Meldrum, Dara.. Mellon, Lisa.. Meshkat, Babak.. Michalak, Zuzanna.. Miller, Stanley.. Miller-Delaney, Suzanne.. Miraj, Zeeshan.. Mishra, Chandra.. Mocanu, Edgar.. Mohammed Kheir Abdallah, Ahmed.. Moheildin, Egbal.. Mohsin, Sahar.. Molloy, Charlene.. Molloy, Eamonn.. Molloy, Eleanor.. Moloney, Roisin.. Montgomery, Anthony.. Mooney, C.. Moore, Margaret.. Moore, Zena.. Moran, C.. Moran, Catherine.. Moran, Niamh.. Morgan, Karen.. (Docs: 39).. Morgan, Maria.. Moriarty, Frank.. Moriarty, Roisin.. Morris, Valerie.. Morris-Downes, Margaret.. Motterlini, Nicola.. Mouri, Genshin.. Mroz, Magdalena.. Mulcahy, Fergal.. Mulhall, Robert.. Mullett, Hannan.. Mullins, Diane.. Mulsow, Jurgen.. Murphy, Adrian.. Murphy, Áine.. Murphy, Brona.. Murphy, C.. Murphy, Ciara.. Murphy, D.. Murphy, Derek.. Murphy, Desmond.. Murphy, Jennifer.. Murphy, Kieran.. Murphy, Niamh.. Murphy, Paul.. Murphy, Sean.. Murray, Deirdre.. Murray, Frank.. Murray, Michelle.. Murtagh, Aileen.. Mwapasa, Victor.. Myers, Eddie.. Mylotte, Darren.. Nally, Rachel.. Nandagiri, Vijay Kumar.. Napoletano, Silvia.. Nassiri, Mujtaba.. Netteland, D.. Ní Gabhann, Joan.. Nicholson, Alf.. Nolan, Katie.. Nolan, Kevin.. Noonan, Janis.. Nugent, Emmeline.. Nwachukwu, Izu.. Nwosu, Bosah.. O'Boyle, Ciaran.. (Docs: 14).. O'Boyle, Ciaran, Prof.. O'Brien, Donncha.. O'Brien, Eoin.. O'Brien, Fergal.. (Docs: 62).. O'Brien, Fiona.. O'Brien, Geraldine.. O'Brien, John.. O'Brien, Kirsty.. O'Brien, Sinéad.. O'Byrne, John.. O'Connell, Paul.. O'Connor, Anne-Marie.. O'Connor, Catherine.. O'Connor, Colm.. O'Connor, Gerard.. O'Connor, M.. O'Connor, Michelle.. O'Connor, Stephen.. O'Doherty, Mary.. O'Donnell, Jill.. O'Donnell, Sinead.. O'Donohoe, Cassandra.. O'Dushlaine, Colm.. O'Farrell, Janet.. Offiah, Gozie.. O'Flaherty, Emma.. Ofurum, Keleichi.. Oglesby, Irene.. O'Gorman, C.. O'Gorman, E.. O'Gorman, Edward.. O'Grady, Anthony.. O'Hanlon, Ann.. O'Hara, Jane.. O'Higgins, Madeleine.. O'Higgins, Niall.. Ohle, Robert.. O'Hurley, Gillian.. O'Leary, Claire.. O'Loughlin, Padhraig.. O'Mahony, Fiona.. O'Mahony, Michael.. O'Malley, Kevin.. Omar, Ahmed.. O'Neill, Catherine.. O'Neill, Eoghan.. O'Neill, James.. O'Neill, Mary, Ms.. O'Neill, Shane.. (Docs: 17).. O'Reilly, Fiona.. O'Reilly, Fran.. O'Rourke, Carol.. O'Rourke, J.. O'Shea, D.. O'Shea, Deirdre.. O'Shea, Donal.. O'Sullivan, Bernadette.. O'Sullivan, Eanna.. O'Sullivan, Gerard.. O'Sullivan, Niamh.. O'Toole, Orna.. Otoom, Sameer.. O'Tuathaigh, Colm.. Owens, Mark.. Owens, Niall.. Owoeye, Olabisi.. OʼGrady, Anthony.. Pabari, Ritesh.. Pappas, Anita.. Parker, James.. Partap, Sonia.. Parthasarathi, Laavanya.. Passante, Egle.. Patchett, Stephen.. Paucard, Alexia.. Pawlikowska, Teresa.. Peace, Aaron.. Peraka, Krishna.. Piras, Linda.. Piskareva, Olga.. Plunkett, Niamh.. Power, Alice.. Power, Michale.. Powles, S.. Prasad, Sarah.. Prehn, Jochen.. Prenter, Suzanne.. Prichard, Ruth.. Queally, Joseph.. Quinlan, Christina.. Quinn, Alison.. Quinn, Ursula.. Quirke, M.. Quirke, Michael.. Raftery, Rosanne.. Rakovac-Tisdall, Ana.. Ramapathiran, Lavanya.. Ramsay, Hugh.. Ramtoola, Zebunnissa.. Rapetti-Mauss, Raphael.. Redmond, Aisling.. Redmond, Patrick.. Reeve-Arnold, Katie.. Reeves, Emer.. Rehm, Markus.. Reynolds, J.. Rhode, Daniela.. Ring, Lena.. Rishabh, Sehgal.. Robertson, Ian.. Roddy, Sarah.. Rogan, Mark.. Rowan, Ciara.. Royston, Maeve.. Rundle, Kay.. Rutkowska, Aleksandra.. Ryan, Anthony.. Ryan, Benedict.. Ryan, Dorothy.. Ryan, Jacqueline.. Said, Soha.. Salma, Umme.. Sano, Takanori.. Sanz-Rodriguez, Ava.. Sattar, Tafiq.. Scanlon, Catherine.. Scannell, Michael.. Scharfe Nugent, Andrea.. Schimansky, Sarah.. Schmid, Jasmin.. Schwamborn, Robert.. Sebastià, J.. Sebastia, Jordi.. Seheult, Jansen.. Sepulveda, Francisco.. Sergeant, Gerard.. Sexton, Eithne.. Shaarani, Shahril.. Shaat, Mohamed.. Shanahan-O'Connell, Julie.. Shanley, emer, Ms.. Shannon, William.. Sharifi, N.. Sheahan, Ricky.. Sheehan, Aisling.. Shelley, Emer.. (Docs: 20).. Shelly, Martin.. Sherlock, Mark.. Sherlock, Orla.. Shields, Denis.. Shkrobot, Lyuda.. Sills, E.. Simbaya, Joseph.. Sivadas, Neeraj.. Skorupa, Alexandra.. Smith, Breffni.. Smith, David.. Smith, Diarmuid.. Smith, Gemma.. Smith, Laura.. Smith, Mary.. Smith, Susan.. Smith, Yvonne.. Smyth, P.. Sokol, Piotr.. Soliman, Peter.. Solon, Gemma.. Spring, Aidan.. Sreenan, Seamus.. Stacey, Kevin.. Stallings, Raymond.. Stanton, Alice.. Stevens, Niall.. Strawbridge, Judith.. Suliman, Imran.. Sunderland, Tara.. Sundram, Frederick.. Surendran, Praveen.. Taggart, Clifford.. Tanner, W.. Taylor, C.. Tedesco, Tony.. Tee, Kee Chun.. Tharmabala, M.. Theissen, Sarah.. Thomas, Toney.. Thomas, Warren.. Thornbury, Keith.. Tiedt, L.. Tierney, Claire.. Tierney, Sean.. Tighe, Orna.. Tilley, Dorothea.. Tivnan, Amanda.. Toar, Magzoub.. Toomey, David.. Toumi, Ferial.. Traynor, Oscar.. Treumann, Achim.. Tsang, Julian.. Tsar, Olga.. Tuffy, Liam.. Tully, Elizabeth.. Tully, Nuala.. Twomey, Deirdre.. Ubomba-Jaswa, Eunice.. Unterscheider, Julia.. Urbach, Valerie.. Urbach, Valérie.. Vale, Gillian.. Vangjeli, Ciara.. Vasquez, S.. Veerappan, Sundaram.. Vega-Carrascal, Isabel.. Verriere, Valia.. Victor, Urmila.. Waddington, John.. Wakai, Abel.. Wallace, Emma.. Walls, Raymond.. Walsh, Aisling.. Walsh, Anthony.. Walsh, Claire.. Walsh, David.. Walsh, John.. Walsh, Mary.. Walsh, Thomas.. Ward, Joseph.. Ward, Manus.. Ward, Mark.. Waters, A.. Watson, Dorothy.. Watson, Joss.. Watters, Karen.. Weadick, Anne, Ms.. Weber, Tim.. Weilbach, Lizette.. Weisová, Petronela.. Weisova, Petronela.. Wells, Robert.. Weyhenmeyer, Birgit.. Whayer, Hotham.. Whelan, Maeve.. Whitford, David.. Whyte, Jacqueline.. Widaa, Amro.. Widger, John.. Wigman, Johanna.. Williams, A.. Williams, David.. Winder, Rachel.. Winder, S.. Woods, Ina.. Würstle, Maximilian.. Wynne, Claire.. Xiao, Liang.. Yates, J.. Yogalingam, K.. Young, Leonie.. Yusef, Yamil.. Zaib, Nisa..

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  • Title: Disciplines | e-publications@RCSI | Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Research
    Descriptive info: Part of the Digital Commons Network..

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  • Title: Most Popular Papers | e-publications@RCSI | Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Research
    Descriptive info: Most Popular Papers *.. Follow-up analysis of federal process of care data reported from three acute care hospitals in rural Appalachia.. Eric Scott Sills, Liubomir Chiriac, Denis Vaughan, Christopher A.. Jones, and Shala A.. Salem.. Enhancing Operating Theatre Efficiency of Private Hospital in Kuwait; Business Management Approach.. Ali Al-Saffar.. Implementing best practice in medication management in a nursing home.. Aderonke Oluwatoyin Agboji.. The Schedule for the Evaluation of Individual Quality of Life (SEIQoL): a Direct Weighting procedure for Quality of Life Domains (SEIQoL-DW).. Administration Manual.. Ciaran O'Boyle, John Browne, Anne Hickey, Hannah McGee, and  ...   Keegan and Hannah McGee.. Considering quality of care for young adults with diabetes in Ireland.. Myles Balfe, Ruairi Brugha, Diarmuid Smith, Seamus Sreenan, Frank Doyle, and Ronán Conroy.. The use of collagen-based bone graft substitutes for orthopaedic regenerative medicine.. Frank G.. Lyons.. Improving Orthopaedic Assessment in a Physiotherapy Department.. Sara Farooq Abdulkarim.. Biomaterials and scaffolds for tissue engineering.. Fergal J.. O'Brien.. Improving the Assessment and Triage of Patients with Mental Illness attending the Emergency Department.. Jacqueline de Lacy.. * Based on the average number of full-text downloads per day since the paper was posted..

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  • Title: Most Recent Additions | e-publications@RCSI | Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland Research
    Descriptive info: Most Recent Additions.. Non-EU migrant doctors in Ireland: applying a typology of health worker migration.. Niamh Humphries, Sara McAleese, Ella Tyrrell, Steve Thomas, Charles Normand, and Ruairi Brugha.. Investigating the relationship between peak inspiratory flow rate and volume of inhalation from a Diskus™ Inhaler and baseline spirometric parameters: a cross-sectional study.. Jansen N.. Seheult, Simon Costello, Kee Chun Tee, Tariq Bholah, Hasan Al Bannai, Imran Suliman, and Richard W.. Costello.. Family physicians' professional identity formation: a study protocol to explore impression management processes in institutional academic contexts.. Charo Rodríguez, Teresa Pawlikowska, Francois-Xavier Schweyer, Sofia López-Roig, Emmanuelle Bélanger, Jane Burns, Sandrine Hugé, Maria Angeles Pastor-Mira, Pierre-Paul Tellier, Sarah Spencer, Laure Fiquet, and Inmaculada Pereiró-Berenguer.. Implementation of a Pressure Ulcer Prevention Protocol in a Coronary Care Unit.. Samir Eshdooh.. Improving Nursing Handoff Process in the Cardiovascular Intensive Care Unit.. Muhammed Al Ibrahim.. Implementation of Online Reporting form for Needle Stick Injury in the Accident and Emergency Department.. Layla Abdulmahdi.. Exercise and manual physiotherapy arthritis research trial (EMPART) for osteoarthritis of the hip: a multicenter randomized controlled trial.. Helen P.. French, Tara Cusack, Aisling Brennan, Aoife Caffrey, Ronán Conroy, Vanessa Cuddy, Oliver M.. FitzGerald, Martina Fitzpatrick, Clare Gilsenan, David Kane, Paul G.. O'Connell, Breon White, and Geraldine M.. McCarthy.. Towards Earlier Discharge, Better Outcomes, Lower Costs: Stroke rehabilitation in Ireland.. Maev-Ann Wren,  ...   cells.. Lisanne C.. Groeneveldt, Callie Knuth, Janneke Witte-Bourna, Fergal O'Brien, Eppo B.. Wolvius, and Eric Farrell.. Cholecystogastric fistula: a brief report and review of the literature.. Michael R.. Boland, Gary A.. Bass, Ian Robertson, and Thomas N.. Walsh.. Polymorphisms of the Flavin containing monooxygenase 3 (FMO3) gene do not predispose to essential hypertension in Caucasians.. Ciara Dolan, Denis C.. Shields, Alice Stanton, Eoin O'Brien, Deborah M.. Lambert, John K.. O'Brien, and Eileen P.. Treacy.. Primary malignant melanoma of the oesophagus: a case report.. Justin Kelly, Mary Leader, and Patrick Broe.. The effect of high [K(+)]o on spontaneous Ca(2+) waves in freshly isolated interstitial cells of Cajal from the rabbit urethra.. Bernard T.. Drumm, Gerard P.. Sergeant, Mark A.. Hollywood, Keith T.. Thornbury, Toshio T.. Matsuda, Akemichi Baba, Brian J.. Harvey, and Noel G.. McHale.. Estrogen increases ENaC activity via PKCδ signaling in renal cortical collecting duct cells.. Yamil R.. Yusef, Warren Thomas, and Brian J.. Harvey.. Physiological levels of lipoxin A4 inhibit ENaC and restore airway surface liquid height in cystic fibrosis bronchial epithelium.. Mazen Al-Alawi, Paul Buchanan, Valia Verriere, Gerard Higgins, Olive McCabe, Richard W.. Costello, Paul McNally, Valérie Urbach, and Brian J.. Cardiovascular Genetics: Candidate Gene, Candidate Pathway and Whole Genome Analyses.. Nina McCarthy.. Identification of novel biomarkers in postmenopausal osteoporosis.. Laura Corrigan.. *Updated as of 10/07/14..

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    Descriptive info: Receive personalized email notifications (.. be.. alerts.. ).. Notification Criteria:.. Search.. What are.. ?.. help you keep track of newly published content, tailored to your interests.. To be notified via email of content fitting your desired criteria, simply enter a keyword or author name in the field above and click.. A new screen will appear with your results.. By clicking.. Save this search.. on the new  ...   to our feed.. To enable the.. feed, simply drag this link into your.. reader.. What is.. (Really Simple Syndication) is an.. XML.. -based format for sharing and distributing Web content, such as news headlines.. provides interested scholars with convenient feeds of newly posted.. content.. When new articles appear in.. , our corresponding.. feeds are updated and your.. reader alerts you of the new content.. Learn more about..

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    Descriptive info: e-publications@RCSI is an open access institutional repository, hence all material available here is freely available on the internet.. For further information see.. If you have any comments or suggestions please contact the repository administrators at.. Copyright and use of work.. Material in the repository is licensed under the.. Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial Share-Alike License.. Copies of full items generally can be used for personal research/study, educational or not for profit purposes without prior permission.. However, you must provide the author, title, and full bibliographic details.. Mention of e-publications@RCSI will be appreciated but is not obligatory.. Full items must not be sold commercially in any format or medium without formal permission of the copyright holders.. For RCSI theses and dissertations, please also read the document “.. Copyright for Library Deposit Theses and Dissertations.. ”.. Submission.. Material may be deposited by RCSI staff and students and by staff at Beaumont Hospital, Dublin (other submissions will be considered on a case-by-case basis).. To submit work please either:.. contact the repository administrators at.. We will then contact you with further information on how to submit.. or choose the "Submit Research" link (under Author Corner).. You will be asked to login and to fill out a submission form – please see further instructions on the.. web page.. Work will be accepted in any form.. Word documents will be converted to PDF.. Only full-text of material will be accepted – bibliographic citations and abstracts without the full-text will not be posted.. Journal article versions to submit:.. We will use the final publisher version (i.. e.. the one  ...   holding area for clearance by the repository administrators.. Once cleared, the material will then be available in the repository.. The validity and authenticity of the content of submissions is the sole responsibility of the depositor.. The repository administrators will only check eligibility of authors, valid layout and format and compliance with publisher policies.. We will communicate with authors if a different version of the work is required (e.. g.. a post-print instead of a pre-print).. If there is a query regarding copyright violation, the relevant work will be removed while the matter is investigated further.. Display of material in the repository.. "Browse by Faculty, School, Department".. This search is divided into communities, sub-communities and series.. An example of a community is "Division of Population Health Sciences," of a sub-community is "Department of Psychology" and of series is "Psychology Articles.. ".. Material will be submitted to the Department section of the submitting author, i.. if the submitting author’s main department is the Department of Psychology, the material will be displayed under this department.. Author index.. Only names of authors from RCSI and Beaumont Hospital, Dublin will be added to the repository index (hence the index will show only RCSI and Beaumont Hospital author names and will not show names of non-RCSI/Beaumont Hospital authors).. The full-text document itself will display all author names (as submitted by the RCSI/Beaumont Hospital author of the document).. Search function.. A search of the repository will include Full text, Keyword, Subject Area, Author's Name, Institution, Corporate Author, Date, Title, Abstract, Publication Title (series or journal), and Discipline..

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