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  • Title: Home - National Asset Management Agency
    Descriptive info: .. Skip top navigation.. National Asset Management Agency.. Home.. Search for:.. About NAMA.. About Our Work.. FAQs.. News.. Publications.. Governance.. Procurement.. Recruitment.. Contact.. Skip to content.. This form requires javascript to work.. List of Properties.. Please search here for a list of properties to which a receiver/administrator has been appointed.. More.. Property Type.. Property Type.. All Properties.. Agricultural Land.. Development - Commenced.. Development - Not Commenced.. Hotel.. Industrial.. Mixed Use.. Office.. Other.. Public House.. Residential.. Retail.. Country.. Country.. County.. County.. Town/Area.. Town/Area.. For sale.. Yes.. No.. To view search results please agree to website.. Terms Conditions.. Display All Properties.. NAMA Annual Report and Financial Statements 2013.. NAMA invites proposals to acquire long leasehold interest on key Dublin Docklands site.. Asset Sales: NAMA is advancing a number of significant portfolio sales in response to increasing investor interest in the Irish property market.. Previous Slide.. Play/Pause.. Next Slide.. 1.. 2.. 3.. The National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) was established in December 2009 as one of a number of initiatives taken by the Irish Government to address the serious problems which arose in Ireland’s banking sector  ...   End-of-year update.. About NAMA Information Guide.. NAMA Act 2009.. Reports >.. Annual Report 2013.. RSS.. 01 Oct 2014 |.. NAMA to bring five major portfolios of Irish property to the market in Q4 2014.. 11 Sep 2014 |.. NAMA Hosts National Housing Supply Conference 2014.. 16 Jul 2014 |.. Statement on the Review of NAMA by the Minister for Finance.. Presentation by Brendan McDonagh, CEO of NAMA, at The Construction Industry Federation Annual Conference.. (1851KB).. 17 Sep 2014 |.. Presentation by Brendan McDonagh, CEO of NAMA, at The International Corporate Restructuring Summit.. (1617KB).. National Housing Supply Conference - 'NAMA Housing Delivery'.. (1925KB).. Contact.. info@nama.. ie.. National Asset Management Agency, Treasury Building, Grand Canal Street, Dublin 2.. Privacy and Cookies Policy.. Legal.. Accessibility.. Sitemap.. Contact Us.. Glossary.. NTMA.. 2014 National Asset Management Agency.. This website uses cookies.. To learn more about cookies, please view our privacy and cookies policy.. By closing this message and continuing to use this website, you consent to our use of cookies in accordance with the terms of our privacy and cookies policy.. Close this message.. Privacy and cookies policy..

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  • Title: About Us - National Asset Management Agency
    Descriptive info: You are here:.. Board and Committees.. Board Members.. Committees.. Management Team.. Group Structure.. NAMA and the NTMA.. IBRC.. Our work.. Loan acquisition.. Debtor engagement.. Debt repayment.. Debtor Business Plans.. NAMA Bonds.. NAMA Credit Ratings.. Other NAMA issuance.. Background.. The National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) was established in 2009 as one of a number of initiatives taken by the Government to address the serious crisis in Irish banking which had become increasingly evident over the course of 2008 and early 2009.. The Irish banking system had engaged in excessive lending to the property sector and, with the significant decline in the Irish property market from 2007 onwards, loan impairments had begun to rise substantially.. This caused a rapid depletion in bank regulatory capital and required appropriate remedial action to remove uncertainty and to repair the balance sheets of a number of financial institutions of systemic importance to the Irish economy.. The Minister for Finance, in his Budget Statement of April 2009, announced the proposed creation of an asset management agency that would acquire loans linked to land and development from a number of key institutions.. Draft legislation was published in September 2009 and the.. National Asset Management Agency Act, 2009,.. one of the most complex pieces of legislation ever to be placed before the Irish legislature, was passed into law in November 2009.. NAMA was formally established on 21 December 2009 and its Board was appointed on the following day.. Five institutions (and their subsidiaries) applied to join the NAMA scheme and were designated as participating institutions in February 2010: Allied Irish Banks; Bank of Ireland; Anglo Irish Bank; Irish Nationwide Building Society; and EBS Building Society.. European Commission approval.. The laws of the European Union prohibit the provision of any state aid which could have the effect of giving favourable treatment to certain entities and thereby distorting competition throughout the Union.. Among the exemptions to the prohibition is aid designed to remedy a serious disturbance in the economy of a Member State; however, any aid contemplated under this exemption must first be given advance approval by the European Commission.. In February 2009, the Commission issued guidance about the design and implementation of asset relief schemes.. This guidance informed discussions which took place with the Commission throughout much of 2009 and in the early part of 2010 about the design of the NAMA scheme and the level of state aid permissible under State Aid rules.. The Commission evaluated the scheme and its implications in great detail and suggested changes to proposals in order to calibrate the  ...   arm’s-length transaction.. of the.. collateral.. A borrower’s pledge of specific property to a lender, to be forfeited in the event of default.. (mainly property) securing the loans.. Other factors included the adequacy or otherwise of loan documentation, the value of any pledged assets other than property (shares, cash, works of art, etc) and any deficiencies in loan.. security.. Includes (a) a Charge, (b) a guarantee, indemnity or Surety, (c) a right of set-off, (d) a debenture, (e) a bill of exchange, (f) a promissory note, (g) collateral, (h) any other means of securing—(i) the payment of a debt, or (ii) the discharge or performance of an obligation or liability, and (i) any other agreement or arrangement having a similar effect.. identified as part of the.. due diligence.. A comprehensive appraisal of a business especially to establish the value of its assets and liabilities.. There are two types of due diligence carried out by the Group, Legal and Property due diligence.. process.. Taking all factors into account, the consideration paid by NAMA for loans acquired in 2010 was approximately 42% of nominal loan balances, representing an average discount of 58%.. NAMA is an unusual corporate entity in that it begins its life with a very large balance sheet and has been given the task of managing that balance sheet down to zero as soon as it commercially practicable.. It must recoup at a minimum all of the expenditure incurred by it on acquiring loans, on advancing working capital and on its own costs.. In doing so, it will pursue all debts owed by its debtors to the greatest extent feasible.. Governance and accountability.. NAMA was established as a separate statutory body with its own Board and CEO appointed by the Minister for Finance.. It operates under the aegis of the National Treasury Management Agency (NTMA) which provides it with staff and business support services.. The Board of NAMA must carry out its functions independently but is closely guided by its obligations under the NAMA Act and is subject to a high level of public accountability.. The CEO and the Chairman must attend and give evidence whenever required to do so by the Committee of Public Accounts or by other committees of the Oireachtas.. In addition to publishing a detailed set of annual accounts, NAMA must also submit quarterly reports to the Minister on its activities, including information about its loans, its financing arrangements and its income and expenditure.. These Reports are published on this website once they have been laid before the Houses of the Oireachtas..

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  • Title: About Our Work - National Asset Management Agency
    Descriptive info: Key Financial Figures.. 80/20 Deferred Payment Initiative.. Social Housing.. Vendor Finance.. Rent Abatement.. Asset Sales.. Loan Sales.. NAMA Asset Funding.. NAMA’s overriding commercial objective is to generate the best achievable financial return for the taxpayer.. However, within the context of this commercial remit and consistent with Section 2 of the NAMA Act, an additional major objective is to contribute to employment and economic recovery and to the achievement of broader social and  ...   of activities, including the introduction of targeted property market initiatives and by facilitating public bodies in purchasing or leasing properties that are suitable for their purposes.. In addition, NAMA is contributing in other ways, such as working to address the problems posed by unfinished housing estates or agreeing rent abatements with businesses to support jobs.. Examples of NAMA’s on-going work in these areas are set out in this section of the website..

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  • Title: Frequently Asked Questions - National Asset Management Agency
    Descriptive info: Properties Enforced.. Useful Links.. 2013 Annual Report.. On this page you will find answers to frequently asked questions about the Agency and its work.. Click once on a question to view the answer (and once more to close it).. Links throughout the answers will guide you to further information on the website.. Questions about the 80-20 Deferred Payment Scheme.. Valuations.. How is the final valuation determined?.. At the end of the five year protection period i.. e.. five years from the completion date of the transaction (or earlier in certain defined circumstances), a valuation of the property will be undertaken by an independent valuer selected by the property owner from a panel of independent valuers maintained by NAMA.. Following the final valuation, if any or all of the deferred amount is payable, the mortgage provider will pay the second instalment directly to NAMA on behalf of the buyer.. What happens in the event of a dispute on the valuation?.. In the event of any dispute on the valuation by either NAMA or the buyer, each must notify the other of such dispute within 5 days of receipt of the initial valuation.. A further valuation will then be made by another valuer from the panel of independent valuers, as agreed between NAMA and the buyer (or failing agreement, by NAMA) within a further 5 day period.. That valuation will be final and binding on all parties and if any or all of the deferred consideration is payable following on from that valuation, NAMA will then require the mortgage provider to make the further drawdown under the purchaser’s loan and to pay it directly to NAMA.. Who will pay for the final valuation?.. The cost of the final valuation will be paid by NAMA and the valuation will be addressed to the buyer, the participating mortgage provider and to NAMA.. In the event of a dispute over the final valuation, the cost of obtaining a second opinion will be borne by the disputing party.. What if there have been changes made to the property between the initial and subsequent valuations?.. The final valuation will be undertaken on a like-for-like basis against the valuation undertaken initially as part of the lender’s credit underwriting process.. This assessment will include provisions to disregard any improvements (such as an attic conversion or an extension to the property) and/or any detrimental action undertaken by the buyer (such as deliberate damage).. What if the value of the property at the final valuation date is greater than the value of the property at the completion date of the transaction?.. The completion date of the transaction is the date at which the sale and purchase of the subject property completed.. If the value of the property on the final valuation date is greater than or equal to the value of the property at the completion date of the transaction, the mortgage provider will automatically advance the remaining 20% and pay it directly to NAMA on behalf of the buyer.. What if the value of the property at the final valuation date is less than the value of the property at the completion date of the transaction?.. If the value of the property on the final valuation date has fallen below the value of the property at the completion date, the deferred amount (i.. 20%) will be reduced or cancelled depending on the level of reduction e.. g.. a 15% fall in value would reduce the deferred amount payable to 5%.. Should the reduction in value be 20% or greater, the deferred amount is no longer become payable to NAMA and the buyer will have no liability for the payment of this amount to the lender.. Other Questions.. In January 2014 NAMA announced that the 80:20 Deferred Payment Initiative will be closed to new entrants with effect from 31 May 2014 – what does this mean for purchasers?.. The scheme concluded in May 2014.. Purchasers who bought houses in the scheme prior to this date will continue to benefit from the Initiative.. What happens in the event of divorce or separation prior to the fifth anniversary of the completion date?.. A separation or divorce will not necessarily require any change.. If the separation or divorce results in the sale of the property between buyer(s), the mortgage loan may continue on the same terms and conditions subject to the agreement of the mortgage provider and NAMA.. How will stamp duty be treated in respect of transactions under the 80/20 Deferred Payment Initiative?.. Stamp duty liability will arise on the basis of the entire consideration provided for in the contract for sale (i.. 100%).. There is no provision in the Stamp Duty code for repayment of part of the duty in the event that any part of the deferred amount is reduced or cancelled.. What happens if the buyer dies prior to the fifth anniversary of the completion date?.. If the buyer dies, a final valuation will be undertaken.. The final valuation will determine if the deferred payment can be reduced or cancelled and, thereby, the total mortgage amount outstanding from the estate of the deceased.. What happens if the buyer becomes bankrupt prior to the fifth anniversary of the completion date?.. If the buyer becomes bankrupt, a final valuation will be undertaken.. The final valuation will determine the total mortgage amount outstanding from the estate of the bankrupt buyer.. Can the subject property be sold prior to the fifth anniversary of the completion date?.. The original buyer may sell the property during the protection period but will be liable for the full amount of the deferred payment, unless prior written consent to the sale has been obtained from NAMA.. NAMA will not unreasonably withhold its consent to a sale but will seek to ensure that any such sale is undertaken on an open-market basis to an unrelated party.. Such consent will be subject to a final valuation of the property, based on which the deferred payment liability will be determined.. Click here to go back to the top.. Questions about the Properties Enforced Listing.. Why is a property listed as “for sale” on the NAMA website, but listed as “sold” on the Sales Agent website?.. The information displayed on the NAMA website is provided by the insolvency practitioner at the end of each month.. The data provided by the insolvency practitioner is for the previous month e.. at the end of July the insolvency practitioner provides data for June.. In a small number of cases, the property may be sold in between.. The insolvency practitioner will update the information provided to NAMA in the next reporting period.. Where do I find the Enforced Properties Listing on the NAMA website?.. You can find the Enforced Properties Listing by clicking on the.. Properties Enforced.. page of this website.. You will be brought to a webpage entitled “Properties Enforced.. At the bottom of this webpage, you will see text which reads “Click Here to read the Website Terms of Use and to obtain the Enforced Properties Listing”.. Now click on the word Here.. You will now be on a webpage entitled “Enforced Properties”.. This page outlines the Website Terms of Use.. Having read the Website Terms of Use, you will obtain the listing of the Enforced Properties by clicking on the text which reads “Click Here to confirm that you have read and accept the Website Terms of Use and to obtain the Enforced Properties Listing.. ”.. I am interested in buying property on NAMA’s books.. How can I do so?.. NAMA was set up to acquire loans from certain financial institutions and it does not own property as such.. In most cases, the property securing these loans is under the control of the.. debtor.. A borrower whose loans have been deemed eligible and have been transferred to the Group.. The borrower is referred to by the Group as a debtor.. A debtor connection is a group of loans that are connected to a debtor.. and will remain so as long as the debtor continues to meet his obligations.. If, therefore, you have a specific property in mind that you wish to purchase, it is best to approach the debtor directly.. Debtors, as part of their business plan agreements with NAMA, will have agreed to the sale of some or all of their property and these will be offered for sale through normal sales channels.. In the case of certain debtors, NAMA has had to take enforcement action and the property securing the loans is now under the control of receivers or other insolvency agents appointed by NAMA.. My company can assist NAMA manage or sell the assets that are listed on the Enforced Properties Listing.. How can I outline to NAMA the range of services that my company can offer?.. As NAMA is a public body, strict guidelines are in place regarding the procurement of services.. In many cases, NAMA will already have panels of providers in place to provide specific property services.. All such panels are formed through an open public procurement process which is advertised at.. http://www.. etenders.. gov.. ie/.. You can at any time however liaise with the appointed insolvency practitioner should you wish to provide services to them with respect to management or sale of assets over which they stand appointed.. Can I rent an asset that is listed on the Register?.. Where you have an interest in renting, rather than buying, the property that is listed, please email the sales agent (where appointed) to determine whether the property listed is available to rent.. Where the sales agent is not appointed, please email the insolvency practitioner who will advise you accordingly.. I want to know the identity of the original owner of the property.. Will the sales agent, receiver or NAMA provide me with this information?.. NAMA, the sales agent or the insolvency practitioner will not be able to provide you with details of the original owner of the property.. Only information regarding the specific properties that have been the subject of an enforcement action by NAMA, and the strategy for those properties (where this is developed at the time), can be provided.. I want to find out if a particular property is held as security by NAMA for loans to particular borrowers.. The property is not listed on the Enforced Properties Listing.. Can NAMA provide me with confirmation?.. NAMA cannot divulge details of property that it may hold as.. NAMA can only provide details of properties where an enforcement action has been taken by NAMA on that property.. All properties where an enforcement action has been taken in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain will be listed on the Enforced Properties Listing.. In all other cases, NAMA will neither confirm nor deny that it has security over a property but will pass your interest onto the.. but will not unduly interfere or act as an intermediary except in certain circumstances.. Can a property be sold to me without the property having first been advertised for sale via a sales agent?.. As a state agency, NAMA’s policy is for properties to be sold on an open market, competitive basis in a manner that is in accordance with prevailing market norms for the asset class and the jurisdiction in which the asset is located.. The principal methods of sale are (a) private  ...   established demand and then lease them long-term to an AHB or Local Authority.. The Agency’s identification of over 4,000 units represents potentially one of the single largest allocations of social housing in the history of the State.. How do local authorities access the 4,000 NAMA related housing units identified as being available for social housing provision?.. Following proactive engagement between NAMA, the Housing and Sustainable Communities Agency (Housing Agency) and the Department of the Environment, Community and Local Government, a process has been established to ascertain whether the identified residential properties are suitable for the social housing needs of local authorities and other prescribed housing bodies.. An important consideration for local authorities when assessing the suitability of identified houses and apartments is the requirement to provide for an appropriate mix of housing tenures and to avoid undue segregation in housing within developments and specific areas.. The onus is on local authorities to establish the suitability of the property concerned.. Once demand has been confirmed, NAMA facilitates contact and negotiation between its.. /receiver and the authority concerned.. Contractual arrangements can take the form of a lease, or, in certain circumstances in the case of Approved Housing Bodies (AHBs), there is scope to acquire the properties which are then made available to local authorities under a payment and availability agreement.. In addition, following a review by NAMA of the issues involved in the delivery of properties to the social housing sector, a.. ,.. National Asset Residential Property Services Limited.. , has been established to facilitate its commitment to provide residential properties for social housing purposes and to provide local authorities and AHBs with an opportunity to access properties located in key areas of demand.. The SPV will operate by purchasing properties directly from debtors or receivers and making them available to local authorities and AHBs by way of a long term lease.. In this way a number of the issues arising from the provision of properties for social housing can be addressed and the process can move more quickly.. Who do I contact?.. All expressions of interests or queries from housing associations in relation any of the properties identified by NAMA should be directed to the Housing Agency.. housing.. Is there a schedule of total units delivered to date?.. The table below provides a breakdown of properties delivered to approved housing bodies.. (as at end December2013).. Complete.. 492.. Carlow.. Respond! Housing Association.. 55.. Cork.. NABCO (NARPS).. 13.. Cork City Council.. 53.. Clúid Housing Association (NARPS).. 23.. Clúid Housing Association.. Dublin.. 58.. Circle Voluntary Housing Association.. 7.. 28.. 40.. HAIL Housing Association.. 5.. Fingal County Council.. 10.. 6.. Túath Housing.. 20.. Túath Housing (NARPS).. Galway.. Galway County Council.. Kerry.. 15.. Kildare.. 35.. Kildare County Council.. 8.. 4.. Limerick.. Focus Ireland.. Louth.. Drogheda Borough Council.. 12.. Westmeath.. Wexford.. Wexford County Council.. Contracted.. 104.. Clare.. Banner Housing Association.. Circle Voluntary Housing Association (NARPS).. 60.. Kilkenny.. Kilkenny County Council.. Terms Agreed.. 87.. In Active Negotiation.. 222.. Peliminary Appraisal.. 1150.. Questions about NAMA itself and the loans it has acquired.. How long will NAMA exist?.. NAMA will be wound up when the Minister for Finance determines that its continued existence is no longer necessary.. Staff employed by NAMA are on fixed purpose contracts which means that their contracts will be terminated when the Agency’s work is concluded.. What does NAMA mean for debtors?.. NAMA has acquired the loans of some 850 debtors to date.. The Agency will directly manage the debts of the largest 180 of these debtors.. The rest will be managed by the participating institutions under delegated authority from NAMA.. NAMA’s objective is to obtain the best return for taxpayers.. It must make a judgement in each case whether its objective is best achieved through working with the.. or enforcing against him.. The decision to support a debtor or enforce against him is heavily influenced by the outcome of the business plan process which begins as soon as a debtor’s loans are acquired.. Agreement with a debtor on a viable business plan allows NAMA to work with the debtor consensually to ensure repayment, to the greatest extent feasible, of the loans due.. Where it makes commercial sense to advance further money to a debtor in order to complete a project which can then be sold to pay down debt, NAMA will do so.. However, where a debtor cannot meet his obligations or is unwilling to reach a reasonable accommodation with NAMA, the Agency will initiate enforcement action to take control of the assets underlying the loan.. For more information on the debtor business plan process, please see the.. Debtor Business Plans.. For more information of NAMA governance and accountability, please see the.. section of this website.. What is NAMA’s financial objective in relation to its acquired loans?.. Under Section 10 of the NAMA Act, NAMA is required to obtain the best achievable financial return for the State having regard to the cost of acquiring and dealing with loans and any other costs incurred in preserving or enhancing the value of property securing them.. Over time, NAMA aims to recover loan acquisition and ancillary costs from receipts of loan interest and principal from debtors and from loan repayments generated by sales of property assets by debtors or by receivers appointed by NAMA.. The NAMA Business Plan (published in July 2010) projected, under its central scenario, that the Agency would return a profit to the taxpayer of €1.. 0 billion in Net.. Present Value.. A value on a given date of a future payment or series of future payments, discounted to reflect the time value of money and other factors such as investment risk.. (NPV) terms over its lifetime (expected to be about ten years).. Why is it necessary to pay fees to advisers?.. The transfer of loan balances in the order of €74 billion from certain financial institutions to NAMA is an exceptionally large transaction.. For all parties to the transaction – the State as the purchaser of loans, the institutions as sellers and the EU Commission as overseer of State aid rules – it was vital that the transaction be valued rigorously and comprehensively.. This necessitated the involvement of professional advisors in their capacity as valuers, lawyers and financial experts to carry out the.. on the loans and on the underlying property and other assets.. NAMA secured these services on a very cost-effective basis due to a competitive and thorough public procurement process used by the Agency.. The cost of the services €30m in 2010 – has been recouped from the banks through a deduction in the price paid by NAMA for the loans.. The benefits of rigorous due diligence have exceeded the costs by a significant multiple – the identification of deficiencies in loan.. has meant that NAMA has saved closed to €300m on what it would otherwise have paid for the loans concerned.. How was the market value of property determined?.. In order to ensure consistency of treatment for all loans, regardless of when they were acquired by NAMA, it was considered that a single reference valuation date should be used for the purpose of valuing underlying property assets.. This date was fixed at 30.. th.. November 2009.. Each property was, in the first place, valued by an expert valuer employed by the.. participating institution.. A Credit Institution that has been designated by the Minister under Section 67 of the Act 2009 as a Participating Institution, including any of its subsidiaries that have not been excluded under that section.. but also owing a legal duty of care to NAMA.. NAMA reviewed each valuation and, where it considered a valuation to be excessive, it referred it to an independent third-party valuer.. This third-party valuation is accepted by NAMA and used as part of the loan valuation.. What is the NAMA ‘discount’ or ‘haircut’?.. In simple terms the discount is the difference between the nominal value of a loan (the outstanding loan balance) and the price NAMA paid for it.. To date, the portfolio of loans has been acquired by NAMA at an average discount of 57% nominal loan balances to the order of €74 billion have been acquired for a consideration of €31.. 6 billion, a discount of over €42 billion or 57%.. How were the loans valued?.. The valuation methodology for the transfer price of loans was determined by the EU Commission and requires NAMA to take a view on the.. long-term economic value.. The value as determined by NAMA in accordance with the NAMA Act that an asset can reasonably be expected to attain in a stable financial system when the crisis conditions prevailing at the time of the passing of the Act are ameliorated.. of the property assets securing the loans.. Taking into account also the impact of prospective enforcement costs and discounting, the price paid for each loan tends to be closely aligned to the.. of the property securing it.. For instance, a loan for €10m may originally have been advanced by a bank for a property which was then valued at €11m (.. equity of €1m).. The property is currently considered to be worth €6m.. The effect of applying the valuation methodology is that NAMA pays close to €6m for the loan.. Where there are defects in.. and documentation which could reduce further the sales proceeds of the property, appropriate discounts are applied to reflect the likely impact of these defects.. Why did NAMA acquire these loans?.. NAMA was established to take property-related loans off the balance sheets of the participating institutions and to give them Government-guaranteed securities which could be used as.. with the European Central Bank.. As a result, the five institutions were provided with over €30 billion in liquidity which they would not otherwise have been able to access.. What loans has NAMA acquired?.. NAMA has discretion to acquire eligible assets as defined by the NAMA Act.. These include loans advanced for land and development purposes and associated property loans.. To date, NAMA has acquired property-related loans with nominal balances in the order of €74 billion from the five institutions participating in the NAMA scheme.. The loans were advanced to 850 debtors and relate to some 16,000 properties.. As payment, NAMA issued Government-guaranteed securities to a value of €31.. 6 billion to the institutions concerned (95% of the consideration is in the form of Senior Bonds and 5% in the form of.. subordinated debt.. Debt which is repayable only after other debts have been repaid.. NAMA pays 5% of the purchase price of the loans it acquires in the form of subordinated bonds.. ).. Why does NAMA not publish a list of all its debtors?.. NAMA is prohibited under the NAMA Act from disclosing confidential information.. Confidential information is specifically defined to include information relating to debtors.. Furthermore, the Act provides that, on acquisition of a loan, NAMA takes over the obligations of the.. under the loan, one of which is the contractual duty of confidentiality which the.. enjoyed while still a customer of the participating institution.. For these reasons, NAMA cannot disclose details about debtors as to do so would leave it open to litigation.. Information about individual debtors or guarantors is also protected against disclosure by the Data Protection Acts with which NAMA must comply as a data controller.. A change in the law would therefore be required to enable NAMA to disclose information about debtors..

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  • Title: News - National Asset Management Agency
    Descriptive info: Archive.. 2014.. 2013.. 2012.. 2011.. 2010.. RSS feed.. Pages:.. 1 October 2014 - The National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) has announced that it will bring five Irish property portfolios, with a combined value of approximately €600m, to the market in Q4 2014.. 11 Sept 2014 - Brendan McDonagh was speaking at The National Housing Supply Conference - a special conference convened by NAMA and attended by policy makers from national and local government to discuss supply issues facing the housing market.. 16 July 2014 – NAMA welcomes the publication today of the review of NAMA by the Minister for Finance.. The review was carried out in line with a requirement under Section 227 of the NAMA Act 2009 that the Minister must assess the extent to which NAMA has made progress towards achieving its objectives.. NAMA announces completion of Portfolio Eagle loan sale.. 20 June 2014 - NAMA is pleased to announce that the Portfolio Eagle loan sale transaction has been successfully concluded with Cerberus Capital Management.. NAMA invites proposals to acquire long leasehold interest on key Dublin Docklands site..  ...   sale of the Project Tower loan portfolio.. 12 May 2014 - NAMA announces the sale of the Project Tower loan portfolio to Blackstone Real Estate Partners Europe IV.. NAMA announces sale of Northern Ireland loan portfolio.. 04 April 2014 - Based on the recommendation of its adviser, Lazard, NAMA has today announced the sale, subject to contract, of the Project Eagle portfolio of loans to affiliates of Cerberus.. 121 parties express interest in Joint Ventures with NAMA.. 03 April 2014: The National Asset Management Agency (NAMA) announces that, since it began inviting submissions a month ago, 121 parties have to date expressed interest in forming Joint Ventures with the Agency.. NAMA announces preferred bidder for servicing of the commercial property loans it may acquire from the Special Liquidators to IBRC.. 19 March 2014 - Following a competitive tendering process which was launched in January 2014, NAMA has selected Capita Asset Services (Ireland) Ltd.. as its preferred bidder to provide primary and special services on the portfolio of commercial property loans which it may acquire from the Special Liquidators to IBRC..

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  • Title: Publications - National Asset Management Agency
    Descriptive info: All Publications.. Accounts.. Section 55 Reports Accounts.. Section 53 Reports Accounts.. Annual Reports.. Annual Report 2012.. Annual Report 2011.. Annual Report 2010.. Speeches.. Brochures and Guidance Notes.. C AG Special Reports.. Other NAMA publications.. Establishment.. 2009.. All Publications.. The list below includes all NAMA publications listed in chronological order.. PDF.. Irish.. HTML.. Section 55 Reports Accounts (chronological order).. NAMA Quarterly Report And Accounts Q1 2014.. (2.. 4 MB,.. pdf.. format).. NAMA Quarterly Report And Accounts Q4 2013.. 8 MB,.. NAMA Quarterly Report And Accounts Q3 2013.. (3.. 6 MB,.. NAMA Quarterly Report And Accounts Q2 2013.. 0 MB,.. NAMA Quarterly (Section 55) Report and Accounts, Quarter 1, 2013.. 1 MB,.. Section 53 Reports Accounts (chronological order).. NAMA Annual Statement 2014.. (308.. 4 KB,.. NAMA Annual Statement 2013.. (111.. 5 KB,.. NAMA Annual Statement 2012.. (130.. Annual Statement for 2011.. Annual Statement for 2010.. (221.. 8 KB,.. Address by the NAMA Chairman Frank Daly to the Waterford Chamber of Commerce ‘Summer Lunch’.. (473.. 9 KB,.. Opening  ...   Accounts Committee.. (553.. All speeches listed in chronological order.. Brochures Guidance Notes.. (658.. Disposal of Real Estate Assets Guidance Note.. (798.. 6 KB,.. Vendor Finance.. (190.. About NAMA NI Information Guide.. (326.. (250.. 3 KB,.. All listed in chronological order.. C AG.. Comptroller and Auditor General Special Report: NAMA - Progress Report 2010 - 2012.. Comptroller and Auditor General Special Report on NAMA Management of Loans February 2012.. (572.. 1 KB,.. Comptroller and Auditor General Special Report on NAMA Acquisition of Bank Assets October 2010.. (615.. Summary of Findings - Comptroller and Auditor General Special Report on NAMA Acquisition of Bank Assets October 2010.. (49.. All C GA listed in chronological order.. Other NAMA Publications.. (1.. 9 MB,.. 7 MB,.. National Housing Supply Conference - NAMA Housing Delivery.. National Housing Supply Conference - Analysis of Ireland’s Housing Need.. (716.. National Housing Supply Conference - Housing Market Trends: Past, Present and Projections.. All other NAMA Publications listed in chronological order.. All publications listed in chronological order..

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  • Title: Governance - National Asset Management Agency
    Descriptive info: Legislation.. Accountability.. Codes of Practice and Conduct.. Offence to Lobby NAMA.. The National Asset Management Agency is established as a statutory body corporate and its powers, functions and governance arrangements derive from the.. National Asset Management Agency Act 2009.. The Board must carry out its functions independently but is closely guided by its obligations under the Act.. Under the Act the Minister can issue written guidelines and directions, which are binding, to NAMA.. All guidelines and directions must be published as soon as possible following issue.. NAMA has adopted Codes of Practice to govern certain matters including, amongst others, the conduct of its officers, servicing standards for acquired bank assets,  ...   the Minister for Finance.. The Act also contains a number of public accountability provisions in relation to the work of the Agency.. These include the requirement to submit to the Minister a detailed set of annual accounts, an Annual Statement and quarterly reports on the Agency’s activities.. Each of these is laid before both Houses of the Oireachtas.. The Board has adopted the Code of Practice for the Governance of State Bodies and adapted it to take account of NAMA’s particular governance framework and the statutory requirements of the Act.. The Board has established a Governance framework.. Where appropriate, it is putting arrangements in place to ensure compliance with the Code..

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  • Title: Procurement, Tenders, Contracts - National Asset Management Agency
    Descriptive info: From time to time, the National Asset Management Agency requires the assistance of specialist service providers in order to meet its statutory objective of obtaining the best achievable financial return for the State.. A key criterion in the selection of service providers by NAMA is the extent to which they can provide value for money for the taxpayer.. NAMA as a contracting authority is subject to EU Directive 2004/18/EC as implemented in Ireland by the European Communities (Award of Public Authorities’ Contracts) Regulations 2006 (the “Regulations”), in respect of the procurement of goods, works and services above certain values (the “EU Thresholds”).. The principles underpinning the Regulations are equal treatment, non-discrimination, mutual recognition, proportionality and transparency.. Where the Regulations do not apply – either because the value of the procurement is below the EU Thresholds or falls outside of the Regulations – NAMA adopts a competitive process designed to obtain the best value for money that can be achieved.. NAMA supports small and medium sized businesses in Ireland where that is possible without compromising its value for money principles.. Information relating to NAMA tenders, including tender documentation, clarifications and changes, is published on.. eTenders.. , the website for Irish government and public sector procurement.. Issue Date.. Description.. Closing Date.. Awarded To.. Award Date.. January 21, 2014.. Appointment of a Service Provider (Primary and Special Services) on certain loan assets (primarily commercial) to be acquired by NAMA.. February 04, 2014.. January 17, 2014.. Provision of internal audit services to the National Asset Management Agency.. February 28, 2014.. PricewaterhouseCoopers Ireland (PwC).. May 28, 2014.. November 18, 2013.. Provision of advisory services in connection with the review, evaluation and monitoring of NAMA borrowers acquired by the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA).. January 06, 2014.. Contract Award - advisory services in connection with the review, evaluation and monitoring of NAMA borrower s.. (187.. April 24, 2014.. September 17, 2013.. Appointment of a Service Provider (Primary and Special Services) on certain loan assets (primarily residential) to be acquired by the National Asset Management Agency (NAMA).. October 30, 2013.. June  ...   November 04, 2011.. Provision of Insurance Brokerage and Advisory Services.. Aon.. April 25, 2012.. September 28, 2011.. Loan Sale Advisory Services.. November 07, 2011.. Loan Sale Advisory Services Panels.. (43.. January 03, 2012.. September 22, 2011.. Provision of corporate legal services.. October 11, 2011.. Corporate Legal Services Panel.. (9.. September 06, 2011.. Accounting Advisory Services.. October 18, 2011.. Deloitte Touche.. January 20, 2012.. February 02, 2011.. Multi-Jurisdictional Tax advice and Tax Compliance Services.. February 22, 2011.. Lot 1: KPMGLot 2: KPMG, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Deloitte Touche.. April 18, 2011.. July 06, 2010.. Provision of a Portfolio Management System.. July 22, 2010.. Ergo Services Ltd.. March 07, 2011.. June 18, 2010.. Provision of a Document Management System.. July 01, 2010.. BearingPoint Ireland Ltd.. February 14, 2011.. May 13, 2010.. (1) Enforcement and insolvency services and (2) Property Management Services related to enforcement and insolvency matters.. June 02, 2010.. Enforcement and Insolvency Panel.. (18.. November 10, 2010.. March 31, 2010.. Certain Legal Services – Enforcement and Refinancing.. April 30, 2010.. Certain Legal Services Panel.. (26.. October 29, 2010.. March 29, 2010.. Internal Audit Services.. April 16, 2010.. August 26, 2010.. January 11, 2010.. Advisory Services in Connection with the review and evaluation of Borrower Business Plans.. January 22, 2010.. Business Plans Panel.. (22.. May 25, 2010.. July 31, 2009.. Real Estate valuation panel.. August 24, 2009.. Real Estate Panel.. (16.. December 29, 2009.. August 19, 2009.. Derivatives Valuation Service Provider.. September 08, 2009.. Societe Generale Securities Services (SGSS).. August 05, 2009.. Audit Co-ordinator (Loan Valuations).. August 27, 2009.. KPMG.. March 11, 2010.. Loan and Associated Valuation Services.. August 28, 2009.. Loan Valuation Panel.. (11.. February 03, 2010.. Legal Due Diligence.. August 26, 2009.. Legal Panel.. (14.. November 28, 2009.. July 17, 2009.. Loan Services.. July 28, 2009.. Capita Asset Services (Ireland) Limited.. May 12, 2010.. May 28, 2009.. Legal Advice.. June 08, 2009.. Arthur Cox.. June 18, 2009.. May 22, 2009.. Tax Advisory Services.. May 29, 2009.. PricewaterhouseCoopers.. August 12, 2009.. May 12, 2009.. Banking and Financial Advisory Services.. May 25, 2009.. HSBC Investment Bank plc.. June 12, 2009..

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  • Title: Recruitment, Careers - National Asset Management Agency
    Descriptive info: For information on current vacancies at the National Treasury Management Agency, including NAMA, please follow the link below to the NTMA s Candidate Manager recruitment page.. NTMA Candidate Manager..

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  • Title: Contact Us - National Asset Management Agency
    Descriptive info: Find us.. Media queries.. Treasury Building.. Grand Canal Street.. Dublin 2.. Email:.. Phone: +353 1 238 4000.. If you have a query, please refer first to our.. section.. If the answer to your question is not there, please send us your query by email on the form below or directly to.. If your query relates to a specific property please include the.. full  ...   with.. *.. are required.. Your Name.. Your Email.. Subject.. Your Message.. Submit.. Leave this field empty.. As part of our commitment to ensuring the continuing security of this website and any data you may submit via this contact for, we collect your IP address upon submission.. If you do not wish your IP address to be collected, please do not submit this form..

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  • Title: Property Search - National Asset Management Agency
    Descriptive info: Property Search.. This list is not a sales portal.. It includes details of NAMA-related properties in receivership in Ireland, Northern Ireland and Great Britain.. Sections 99 and 202 of the National Asset Management Agency Act, 2009, preclude the publication of details relating to debtors or their properties where an enforcement action has not taken place.. This listing can be searched by area and property type and includes details of the appointed insolvency practitioner and, where applicable, the appointed sales agent.. The information on the list is a month in arrears and is updated on a monthly  ...   does not manage the sales process.. NAMA guidelines require that all sales are openly marketed.. If you believe that information contained in the list is inaccurate or misleading please contact NAMA at.. and NAMA will correct or clarify the information as necessary.. By using this website you are accepting all the Website Terms of Use.. If you do not agree with anything in these you should not use this website.. You must have javascript enabled on your browser to use this site.. Click Here To Read the Website Terms of Use and obtain the Properties Enforced Listing..

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