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  • Title: MaREI - Marine Renewable Energy Ireland
    Descriptive info: .. Welcome.. ABOUT.. OUR VISION.. WHO WE ARE.. WHAT WE OFFER.. RESEARCH.. INDUSTRY.. FACILITIES.. USEFUL LINKS.. RESEARCH OBJECTIVES.. RESEARCH PROGRAMME.. MaREI RESEARCH PROGRAM.. SFI RESEARCH CENTRES PROGRAMME.. M.. Eng.. Sc.. MARINE RENEWABLE ENERGY.. Associated EU Project profiles.. COLLABORATION OBJECTIVES.. COLLABORATION PROGRAMME.. EXISTING PARTNERS.. FUTURE PARTNERS.. OVERVIEW.. CATEGORY VIEW.. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE CORK.. ENVIRONMENTAL RESEARCH INSTITUTE (ERI).. ENVIRONMENTAL MONITORING CAPABILITY (CMRC).. NATIONAL OCEAN TEST FACILITY (HMRC).. ROTATING TEST RIG (HMRC).. NUI GALWAY.. COASTAL OBSERVING RADAR SYSTEM (CODAR).. MACE HEAD ATMOSPHERIC RESEARCH STATION.. STRUCTURAL RESEARCH LABORATORY.. TIDAL BASIN.. WAVE FLUME.. UNIVERSITY OF LIMERICK.. MOBILE MARINE ROBOTICS RESEARCH CENTRE, UL.. NUI MAYNOOTH.. COER WAVE TANK FACILITY.. WAVE ENERGY SIMULATION TOOLS.. UNIVERSITY COLLEGE DUBLIN.. WAVE ENERGY MODELLING CAPABILITIES.. CORK INSTITUTE OF TECHNOLOGY.. INFORMATICS@CIT.. NIMBUS RESEARCH CENTRE.. SIGMA RESEARCH CENTRE.. OUTREACH EDUCATION.. SCHOOLS PROGRAMME.. PRIMARY.. SECONDARY.. SCHOOLS PRESENTATION BOOKING FORM.. TARGET GROUPS.. COMMUNITY OUTREACH.. BUSINESS/ ACADEMIA / INDUSTRY.. INTERNAL EDUCATION.. OUTREACH INITIATIVES.. NEWS EVENTS.. NEWS.. PRESS RELEASES.. EVENTS CALENDAR.. MaREI BROCHURE.. PEOPLE.. MANAGEMENT/PI s.. CAREERS.. FAQ.. CONTACT US.. "The Research, Development and Innovation Hub For Marine Renewable Energy".. "Harnessing the Marine Renewable Energy Resource Through the Power of Innovation".. "Inspiring the Next Generation of Researchers".. "Supporting Industry Through Integrated and Collaborative Research".. WHAT IS MaREI?.. News.. EU Grant Coordinator MaREI RSO (Closing Date: September 30th, 2014).. Job  ...   of its industry-led research programme, providing innovative solutions that reduce the time to market, and reduce costs to a competitive lev.. el.. [.. ].. INTERESTED IN BECOMING A MaREI PARTNER?.. Research.. The nucleus of MaREI originates from well-established MRE-related research entities distributed throughout Ireland.. The PI team comprises internationally recognised experts in the field from.. UCC.. ,.. NUIG.. UL.. NUIM.. UCD.. , and.. CIT.. , who have complementary research backgrounds key to providing the underpinning research necessary for Ireland to achieve a commercially successful MRE industry.. The multidisciplinary nature of the group reflects the breadth of expertise required to create a national-scale Centre to support the R D requirements of the emerging MRE industry, both in Ireland and abroad.. Industry.. The industry-centred approach in MaREI provides a focal point for over 45 companies (SME’s and MNC’s) to participate in the development of a vertically-integrated MRE supply chain.. MaREI will deliver tailored technological solutions to companies to meet their needs through the delivery of the industry-led research programme, which seeks to develop strategic long term relationships with industry, in order to enable the development of a powerful engine for innovation and economic g.. rowth.. Associated MaREI EU Project Profiles.. 2014 MaREI |.. Web design.. by MaREI/Granite Digital.. Home.. About.. Contact.. Disclaimer.. Privacy Policy..

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  • Title: OUR VISION | MaREI
    Descriptive info: Our Vision.. http://marei.. ie/wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/MaREI.. jpg.. Increased population levels and improved standards of living are putting an ever-increasing demand on global energy supplies.. In the face of finite conventional fuel sources and international restrictions on carbon emissions, there is therefore an urgent need for clean, secure and affordable sources of energy, particularly in geographically-isolated locations.. In this regard, Ireland is uniquely placed in terms of its enviable marine renewable energy resource, having one of the world’s highest wave and offshore wind resources, together with a favourable tidal regime.. The total resource contained in our marine  ...   and technologies.. However, systems to harness MRE resources are at an early stage of development, and face significant challenges that will require innovative solutions to reduce time to market, and reduce costs to a reasonable level.. These challenges cover all aspects of technology development, including energy conversion and storage, transmission and integration, as well as enabling ICT technologies and environmental considerations.. To this end, it is the aim of MaREI to secure Ireland’s position as a global leader in Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) by focussing on technological breakthroughs, delivered through cutting-edge science and engineering research..

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  • Title: RESEARCH | MaREI
    Descriptive info: IMERC Campus (Ringaskiddy).. ie/wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/MaREI image_22.. The multidisciplinary nature of the group reflects the breadth of expertise required to create a national-scale Centre to support the R D requirements of the emerging MRE industry, both in Ireland and abroad.. The Centre will physically mimic the hub and spoke conceptual model for SFI Research Centres, with the main administrative and management activities located at UCC’s new Beaufort Laboratory; and research co-ordination and activities distributed as appropriate across all the participating institutions.. + University College Cork.. UCC has the largest group of researchers working in the area of marine renewable energy in Ireland.. Beaufort Research combines the excellent track record of the Hydraulics and Maritime Research Centre (HMRC), the Coastal and Marine Research Centre (CMRC) and the Sustainable Energy Research Group (SERG) at University College Cork under one brand and hosts the SFI Charles Parsons Energy Initiative for Ocean Energy.. Beaufort Research’s maritime and sustainable energy expertise covers: energy supply technologies, including the marine renewable energy sectors of wave, tidal and offshore wind; onshore wind energy, biomethane production, energy storage, energy end use (intelligent efficiency) and cross-cutting research (energy policy and modelling, control engineering and power electronics).. This, together with Beaufort’s extensive maritime governance, marine ecology, ICT and Geospatial technology expertise, puts MaREI in a unique position at the  ...   devices and control of wave energy devices.. + National University of Limerick.. The University of Limerick hosts the Charles Parsons Initiative (CPI) on Energy Sustainable Environment and the Mobile Marine Robotics Research Centre (MMRC).. MMRC is the only research centre in Ireland focused on robotic applications in the marine environment.. + National University College Dublin.. At University College Dublin, the School of Mathematical Sciences is carrying out world leading research aimed at the development of analytical models of the efficiency of wave energy devices, non-linear wave mechanics, computational fluid dynamics tools to predict impact loading on wave energy devices, and nearshore wave forecasting software.. The School of Geological Sciences is developing methods for measuring offshore waves using land based seismological stations and the School of Civil, Structural and Environmentdal Engineering are developing novel foundation systems for offshore platforms.. Surface treatment of the marine composites and related parts using atmospheric plasma s is being carried out within the School of Chemical and Bioprocess Engineering.. + Cork Institute of Technology.. At the Cork Institute of Technology research will be undertaken by the Nimbus Centre for Embedded Systems and the Informatics@CIT Research Group.. Research on Decision Support, Data Management, Operations Support and MRE Reliability will be facilitated by the Halpin Centre for Research Innovation at NMCI through the IMERC partnership..

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  • Title: INDUSTRY | MaREI
    Descriptive info: OpenHydro Tidal Energy Device.. ie/wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/OpenHydro.. MaREI will deliver tailored technological solutions to companies to meet their needs through the delivery of the industry-led research programme, which seeks to develop strategic long term relationships with industry, in order to enable the development of a powerful engine for innovation and economic growth.. The MaREI collaborative ethos is based on three key principles:.. A mutual interest in a common,  ...   defined governance and reporting structures.. Many of the industrial collaborators in MaREI are leading device developers.. However, MaREI is always interested in engaging with new industry partners, ranging from SMEs to MNCs.. The MaREI Centre provides a one-stop-shop for industry bodies seeking to carry out research and development.. This will be the only centre for MRE worldwide that has industry intimately participating in the research activity..

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    Descriptive info: Beaufort Research.. http://www.. ucc.. ie/beaufort/.. Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI).. seai.. ie/.. Irish Maritime and Energy Resource Cluster (IMERC).. imerc.. Science Foundation Ireland (SFI).. sfi.. Marine Renewable Energy.. ie/en/ckr51//.. Marine Institute (MI).. marine.. ie/Home/..

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    Descriptive info: MaREI RESEARCH PROGRAMME.. PROJECT PROFILES.. MaREI Research Activities.. ie/wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/IFREMER Hexwind Test 2.. The MaREI Research Programme, which is based on a hub and spoke model, aims to transform the MRE sector in Ireland by delivering science-based engineering solutions to the large-scale deployment of ocean energy devices.. These devices will be required to operate cost-effectively in hostile and complex ocean environments.. The Research Programme is closely aligned to the partner companies’ research and development strategies, and addresses the real needs of both the companies involved and the Marine Renewable Energy sector as a whole.. The specific objectives of the MaREI Research Programme include:.. The provision of  ...   take-off and grid connection systems.. The enhancement of the robustness and cost-effectiveness of MRE devices, through the use of advanced high-performance materials.. The application of emerging technologies for marine renewable energy storage and grid integration.. The development of control systems and advanced robotics for MRE operational support and maintenance systems.. The mapping of Ireland’s marine renewable energy resource, to develop codes of practice by which the MRE industry can optimize the sustainable performance, survivability and environmental impact of single and arrays of marine energy devices.. The development and promotion of governance, socio-economic and planning tools and techniques to enable effective exploitation of MRE offshore of Ireland..

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    Descriptive info: Hub and Spoke Model.. ie/wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/Hub and Spoke.. The MaREI Research Programme operates on a hub (or platform) and spoke model.. It is organized into four Platform Themes (P1-4), which conduct the scientific research that underpins the MRE-sector development, and five Spokes (S1-5) that contain targeted projects, pertinent to the industry partners.. It is anticipated that additional spokes will be added in the future, as dictated by research needs, within which  ...   categories are as follows:.. Platform Projects:.. P1 = Wave Energy Device Design Innovation and Optimisation.. P2 = Marine Electro-gas.. P3 = Marine Renewable Energy Informatics Tools.. P4 = Cost Reduction for Marine Renewable Energy.. Spoke Projects:.. S1 = Marine Renewable Energy Devices.. S2 = Novel Materials for MRE Systems.. S3 = Power Take-Off and Energy Storage for MRE.. S4 = Operations Support Engineering.. S5 = MRE Decision Support and Data Management..

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    Descriptive info: Science Foundation Ireland.. ie/wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/SFI.. The MaREI Centre has been founded under the.. ‘.. SFI Research Centres Programme.. ’.. , which is intended to link scientists and engineers in partnerships across academia and industry.. This in turn is hoped to address crucial research questions, foster the development of new and existing Irish based technology companies, attract  ...   and expand educational and career opportunities in Ireland in science and engineering.. The Programme provides significant and substantial funding to proposals such as MaREI, which have the potential to deliver both research excellence and high impact in areas of national importance, and to deliver significant economic and societal impact during the lifetime of the programme..

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    Descriptive info: Partner Institutions.. ie/wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/Master's.. The All-Island Master’s Degree in Marine Renewable Energy is a 12-month, full-time taught Master’s in Engineering Science, which is hosted by University College Cork, and involves heavy participation by MaREI lecturers and staff members.. The Master’s is an all-island programme, and is delivered in conjunction with UCD, NUIM, NUIG, UL, CIT, DIT and Queens University Belfast.. It was launched in 2013, with an intake of 12 students in the inaugural year.. A key component of the Master’s programme is an industry-focused project, whereby students develop a topic in collaboration with an  ...   range of engineering and non-engineering topics relevant to the Marine Renewable Energy (MRE) industry, with specially-developed advanced modules in MRE which are not available in any other Master’s course, which seek to satisfy the increasing demand for suitably-qualified professionals in the MRE sector.. Core Engineering Topics.. Advanced Engineering Topics.. General Topics.. Power Systems.. Marine Operations and Robotics.. Innovation Finance.. Control Engineering.. Tidal Energy.. Technology Business Planning.. Environmental Hydrodynamics.. ICT for Marine Renewables.. Environmental Impacts.. Maintenance and Reliability.. Ocean Energy Conversion.. Research Skills.. Introductory Ocean Energy.. Grid Integration/Storage for MRE.. Offshore Geological Exploration.. Economics of MRE..

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  • Title: INDUSTRY | MaREI
    Descriptive info: COLLABORATION PROGRAM.. MaREI Value Chain.. ie/wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/MaREI Value Chain.. Structured Developement Plan.. ie/wp-content/uploads/slideshow-gallery/Structured Development Plan.. png.. The MaREI Research Centre provides a unique opportunity for over 45 SMEs to work collaboratively with leading researchers, and with each other.. MaREI will deliver tailored technological solutions to companies to meet their needs through the delivery of its industry led research programme to multiple aspects of the supply chain.. The proof of concept work for prototype and pre-commercial developments in MaREI will begin to reduce high costs and the perception of high risk relating to device development.. Hence, by helping to remove technical barriers, MaREI will provide confidence to potential investors in the partner companies.. The Centre will also act as a catalyst for attracting FDI clients to avail of the opportunities provided by the academic and industry partners together with their range of state-of-the-art facilities.. The MaREI collaborative ethos is based on three key principles: a mutual interest in a common, achievable goal; constant communication about expectations, timelines, and potential opportunities; and transparency based on clearly defined governance and  ...   or perspectives.. Provide access to state-of-the-art facilities (equipment, laboratories, etc.. ), training and support services.. Provide an innovative environment that will yield intellectual property, leading to start-up companies and jobs.. Support entrepreneurial activity.. Accelerate the development of new markets in ocean energy delivering new jobs and attracting more industry to Ireland.. Facilitate external linkages through international benchmarking, collaborations with international institutions and global professional organisations.. Provide opportunities for industry to access EU funding.. MaREI will specifically provide benefits to industry from its association with.. IMERC.. (Irish Maritime and Energy Resource Cluster) in Ringaskiddy, Cork, where it will be hosted on-campus within the Beaufort Building.. The close relationship with IMERC will help MaREI partners to derive added benefit from IMERC activities, including the development of the Ringaskiddy Campus as a ‘soft landing’ for Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), together with incubating space for indigenous enterprise and spin-out companies.. Synergies will also be derived from the IMERC innovation network, including the resources of the National Maritime College of Ireland (NMCI) and the expertise and support of the Irish Naval Service..

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    Descriptive info: The industry-centred approach in MaREI provides a focal point for over 45 companies (SME’s and MNC’s) to participate in the development of a vertically-integrated MRE supply chain, working collaboratively with leading researchers, and with each other.. At present, MaREI is engaging with a wide range of industry partners, including (but not  ...   Resilience Energy Consulting Limited.. Marsh Technology Limited.. Brí Toinne Teoranta.. MYMIC GLOBAL LIMITED.. ESRI.. Intel.. MAFIC.. B9 Power Limited.. ENERCO Energy Ltd.. ESB.. DePuy Ireland Ltd.. Global Renewable Solutions.. Marine Harvest Ireland.. Pure Marine Gen Limited.. REALSIM Ltd.. Skysails.. Technology from Ideas.. SSE Renewable Holdings (UK) Limited.. Aquafact International Services Limited.. WECCA..

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