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  • Title: Communications Workers' Union - Ireland's premier Union for the telecommunications industry | Communications Workers' Union
    Descriptive info: .. Search our website.. About.. Who are we?.. Union Structure.. Negotiating.. Rates.. History.. Rules Constitution.. Services.. How can we help?.. Benefits / Funds.. Added Benefits.. Insurance.. Travel.. Sports Leisure.. Family Fun.. Other Offers.. Training Education.. Health Safety.. Labour Law.. Equality Diversity.. Events.. Conference.. Calendar.. CWU Charities.. Sector.. Call Centre.. Vodafone.. Meteor.. O2.. Global Telesales.. HP.. Barclaycard.. Firstsource.. Conduit.. BillPost.. One Direct.. UPS.. HCL.. eircom.. Rigney Dolphin.. Telecoms.. Eircom Rescue Plan Q A.. Phonewatch.. BT Ireland.. Obelisk Networks.. eComms.. Phone Stores.. 3.. Postal.. An Post.. DPD.. PrintPost.. IT/ Other.. Irish Coastguard.. DataIreland.. Dell.. ESCCU.. Firereins.. IBM.. IO Systems.. Courier.. Retail Communications.. Meteor/eMobile Retail.. Vodafone Retail.. O2 Retail.. Carphone Warehouse.. Managerial.. Retired Members.. Regulation.. Activists.. Organising.. Youth Committee.. Campaigns.. Draft Young Peoples’ Charter?..  ...   Ireland's premier union for the postal, telecommunications and call centre sectors.. With members in Eircom, An Post, Vodafone, Meteor, O2 and many others, the CWU has a proven track record in representing members' interests.. Videos.. Other.. More.. Photos.. #Freedom4Gaza.. 10-Oct-2014.. Right2Water National Demonstration, 11th Oct 2014.. 09-Oct-2014.. Lecture by Dr.. Emmet O'Connor, Thurs 23rd October, Liberty Hall.. 08-Oct-2014.. Connect July 2014.. IRELAND NEEDS A PAY RISE.. Union Post May 2013.. High Noon for Social Europe.. ICTU Pre-Budget Submission 2015.. Congress proposes refundable Tax Credits, reduced Water Charges and investment in social housing.. Annual Report 2013.. Annual Report of the Youth Committee for 2013.. Copyright 2010 CWU.. All Rights Reserved |.. Terms of Use.. |.. Privacy Policy.. Website by.. Language.. and.. Fusio..

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  • Title: Join The Communication Workers | Communications Workers' Union
    Descriptive info: Welcome.. /.. Join The CWU.. Join The CWU.. Please fill in your details below.. Leave fields blank where information is not applicable.. You will be contacted by a member of the CWU to complete your membership registration.. If you would like more information on the benefits of joining the Union.. click here.. Name:.. Home Address:.. Mobile:.. Email Address:.. Company:.. Please do not fill out this box, it's to trap spam..

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  • Title: Update Your Details | Communications Workers' Union
    Descriptive info: Update Your Details.. Update Your Details.. Name of Company:.. Union Details.. Membership No:..

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  • Title: Who are we? | Communications Workers' Union
    Descriptive info: Who are we?.. Welcome to the Communications Workers Union website.. THE CWU IS IRELAND'S PREMIER UNION FOR THE POSTAL, TELECOMMUNICATIONS, AND CALL CENTRE SECTORS.. With members in Eircom, An Post, Vodafone, Meteor, O2 and many others, the CWU has a proven track record in representing members interests.. Today there are almost 14,000 members in the Union.. Mission Statement.. We will build an organising Union that  ...   our responses to change by being progressive in our outlook and determined in our efforts to always act in the best interests.. of the Union and its members.. We will, in solidarity with other like-minded organisations, campaign for economic and social justice, for freedom of association and respect for human rights and the dignity of all who suffer from oppression or prejudice, whatever its form..

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  • Title: Union Structure | Communications Workers' Union
    Descriptive info: Union Structure.. Like any large organisation, the CWU is structured into various units.. As a member it is important that you know and understand how the Union operates.. House Group or Section.. Every employment where the CWU has members, the Union organises the members into Sections or House Groups so that they can discuss issues of common concern and decide what action they would like to take on these issues.. Each group elects its own representative or Shop Steward who sees that the views of the group s members are acted upon.. Sometimes, if the workplace is large enough, there will be a House Committee or even a Shop Stewards Committee.. Branches.. Sections/House Groups come together to form Branches.. The Branches are based on grouping together  ...   as delegates, meet to discuss issues of concern to members like you and decide on policy.. This conference elects the Union s National Executive Council, including the President, who are charged with overseeing the implementation of conference decisions and deciding on policy inbetween each conference.. Officials.. The Union has a number of full-time officials whose primary role is to be available to represent the members in negotiations and to provide advice.. Some of these officials, the National Officers, also have responsibility for the overall day-to-day running of the Union.. The General Secretary, Steve Fitzpatrick, is the top official in the Union.. The Union s head office is based in Dublin and this is where the Union s full-time officials and administration are located.. DOWNLOAD UNION STRUCTURE PRESENTATION..

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  • Title: Negotiating | Communications Workers' Union
    Descriptive info: Negotiating.. The CWU successfully negotiates wages and salaries for the majority of workers employed in the Irish communications industry and would be able to do so for you.. One of the strengths which your CWU negotiators can bring to bear on your behalf is their detailed knowledge of pay rates in the industry.. As a result we know what the appropriate remuneration is for the work you and your colleagues are carrying out for your employer.. This is particularly important in workplaces where employers negotiate individual contracts with employees.. It is not uncommon to find major differences in pay between workers doing exactly the same work in such companies.. The fact that the CWU knows the rates of pay in the industry and knows how your company is faring financially will help them to ensure that  ...   do not honour their responsibilities to their staff in this regard.. What is nearly worse is that some companies offer such packages to their executive staff but refuse to do so for the rest of their workforce.. The CWU has successfully negotiated such arrangements with employers for thousands of its members.. The Union s experience in this regard could be of great benefit to you.. Democratic Involvement.. Of course while pay negotiations would be conducted by a full-time official on your behalf, generally such officials would be accompanied by a negotiating committee elected by you and your fellow members, who would also decide the negotiating mandate or instructions.. Ultimately any proposals which would emerge from such negotiations would have to be accepted by a majority vote of the members in your company in a secret ballot..

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  • Title: Rates | Communications Workers' Union
    Descriptive info: Rates.. As per the rules of the CWU, there are three scales that apply to groups of staff that enjoy collective bargaining and negotiation rights.. The National Executive Council agreed that the Union should have a reduced rate for members in companies where there are no negotiating or collective bargaining arrangements.. Every member shall pay contributions in accordance with the scale to which  ...   complete an authorisation form so as to arrange to have union contributions deducted from pay or debited from his/her bank/building society account etc as appropriate.. Currently the weekly rates for private sector companies are:.. Temporary/ Part-time/ Agency.. 2.. 60.. Call Centres/ Customer Care/ Retail.. 12.. Non-Managerial/ Contractors.. 4.. 16.. Managerial.. 5.. 20.. DOWNLOAD MEMBERSHIP FORM.. WHAT CAN A TRADE UNION DO FOR ME?..

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  • Title: History | Communications Workers' Union
    Descriptive info: History.. Our Union the Communications Workers Union (CWU) is the product of various amalgamations and mergers over the years.. The CWU can identify a strong lineage dating back from 1900.. Emergence of British Postal Trade Unionism.. Agitation among postal staffs first began in the mid-nineteenth century.. Attempts at organisation were repressed by mass dismissals and tough disciplinary measures against any suspected of being involved.. Secret reporting added to the difficulties of those courageous enough to advance the workers cause.. Nevertheless, five unions were established: the Fawcett Association, founded in 1890; United Kingdom Postal Clerks Association (1866); Post Office Clerks Association (1881), catering for clerical grades; and Postmen s Federation (1891); and Amalgamated Engineering Stores Association (1886), catering for manipulative and manual grades.. All were active in Ireland, particularly the Postmen s Federation.. The question of improving the onerous conditions and the Service s military-style command structure, together with the fundamental task of improving the sweated wages were dealt with by a series of Parliamentary Committees of Inquiry: Tweedmouth, 1897; Bradford, 1904; Hobhouse, 1907; and Holt, 1913.. Postal unions presented direct evidence to these inquiries, displaying invention and well-researched argument, but also a certain deference to their employers.. None of the unions had rules enabling strike action so, although the post office heard the increasingly loud barks of the workers dogs, they were secure in the knowledge that they would never bite! From 1905, the Postmaster General granted formal recognition to post office unions but the Department still maintained a distant, delaying and, sometimes, openly contemptuous attitude to the workers representations.. Dual Workers Association the Association of Irish Post Office Clerks.. After the Tweedmouth Commission, the position of Dual Worker was created.. They were trained, simultaneously, as Sorting Clerks and Telegraphists, and were introduced to overcome staff shortages.. They quickly became an exploited group with promised transfer to permanent status never fulfilled.. In Ireland, where exploitation seemed worse, the first Irish-based postal union was formed in November 1900 among Dublin Sorting Clerks Telegraphists (SC Ts) the Dual Workers Association (DWA).. It started with 100 members but had an ambition to become the sole Home Association.. By their first conference, in Dublin in 1903, they had absorbed the Irish membership of the Fawcett Association and had a Cork branch.. Their motive was not particularly nationalistic they simply believed that conditions for Irish postal workers were worse than those in Britain and were best dealt with by an Irish-based organisation.. From 1903, they produced a fine monthly journal, the.. Dual Workers Guardian.. Printed on Irish Paper , the.. Guardian.. claimed it guaranteed to have the largest circulation in Ireland of any Service Organ published in the United Kingdom.. It certainly impacted on other civil service unions and established a long-standing achievement of Irish postal trade unionism, its ability to lead and influence industrial and political opinion for all public servants.. The DWA assiduously gathered information regarding pay and conditions, and fearlessly put forward claims for improvements.. They published their submissions, as in 1904, when a special.. , outlined the DWA s demand for improvement in the scandalously low wages.. This activity attracted new members and, in 1904, with sixteen branches in all major centres, the union changed its title  ...   of these bonuses in Ireland.. The Irish Postal Union.. The Easter Rising divided AIPOC members.. Loyalty to the Service and the fact that many post office employees had army backgrounds generated ambiguous attitudes.. After 1916, however, a more national perspective emerged and, in April 1920, the first strike of Irish postal workers took place when the AIPOC supported the General Strike to demand the release of Republican hunger strikers in Mountjoy.. The union also changed its title to the Irish Postal Union (IPU) and, with the exceptions of independence, openly invited those in British postal unions to join with them.. Irish Postal Workers Union Irish Post Office Engineering Union.. After 1922, the Union of Post Office Workers and Post Office Engineering Union withdrew but generously supported the creation of the Irish Postal Office Workers Union (IPWU) and Irish Post Office Engineering Union (IPOEU).. In Belfast, IPU members declined to join a British union and created the Post Office Clerks Association (Northern Ireland) which continued in existence until the 1960s.. When the.. Saorstát Éireann.. government cut post office worker s wages, the IPU led a threatened strike.. The government appointed the Douglas Commission to investigate matters, but when they declined to implement its interim findings a postal strike took place from 10-19 September, 1922, with the IPU in a lead role.. In December, the Douglas Commission recommended increases in pay, improved conditions and various other benefits.. The three Irish postal unions the IPU, IPOWU and IPOEU had collaborated in drafting a joint submission, discovering that they had much in common and were stronger speaking with one voice.. Post Office Workers Union.. At conferences held on the 7-8 June, 1923, the IPU, IPOWU and IPOEU amalgamated to form the Post Office Workers Union (POWU), a single union for Irish Post Office employees.. It was not all plain sailing.. The IPU Dublin Telephones Branch and IPOEU both backed out of the merger.. The Telephone members quickly rejoined, but the IPOEU remained an independent body, albeit a small and ineffective one, from 1925, most engineering grades joined the POWU.. The POWU journal.. An Díon.. maintained the tradition for high-quality journalism.. In 1924, William Norton, a young man born in 1900, was appointed POWU General Secretary.. A giant had stepped onto the Irish labour movement stage.. The POWU grew into a significant union, nationally and internationally.. St Office Workers Union.. Thus, less than 25 years after a handful of Dublin SC Ts established the DWA, Irish post office workers created a united, purposeful union.. It affiliated to the Irish Trade Union Congress and had a clear socialist perspective in its opposition to the reactionary policies of Cumann na nGaedheal governments.. The lessons of organisation, member involvement and clarity of purpose and action serve as reminders to CWU members that in unity there is strength.. Public sector cuts, threat to employment security and worsening of conditions face today s members.. Just as those in the past consciously stood together to change and make history, history calls today s members to demonstrate the same commitment to change the future and make their own history.. Hopefully our contribution will eventually be written about with the same pride and respect as recorded here.. Francis Devine..

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  • Title: Rules & Constitution | Communications Workers' Union
    Descriptive info: Rules & Constitution.. Rules & Constitution.. Rule 1: Names, Addresses and Objects.. Rule 2: Membership of the Union.. 1 Eligibility.. 2 Benefit Member.. 3 Contributions.. 4 Obligations of Members.. 5 Membership Recruitment.. 6 Retired Membership.. 7 Union Badge and Scroll.. 8 Discipline of Members.. 9 Authority within the Union.. Rule 3: Branches and Sections.. 1 Branches.. 2 Branch Business Meetings.. 3 Branch Officers and Committee.. 4 Sections.. Rule 4: Conferences.. 1 Biennial Conference.. 2 Special Conference.. 3  ...   and Vice-President.. Rule 7: General Secretary and Officers.. 7.. 1 General Officers.. 2 General Secretary.. 3 Deputy General Secretary.. 4 National Officers.. 5 Remuneration of General Officers, National Executive Council Members and Members.. 6 Superannuation Fund.. Rule 8: Trustees.. Rule 9: Funds and Properties.. Rule 10: Union Benefits and Funds.. 10.. 1 Social Benefit Fund.. 2 Legal Benefits.. 3 Distress Fund.. 4 Levy.. Rule 11: Industrial Action.. Rule 12: Alterations of Rules.. Rule 13: Dissolution of Union..

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  • Title: How can we help? | Communications Workers' Union
    Descriptive info: How can we help?.. What is a trade union?.. Trade unions are independent, democratic organisations aimed at representing the interests of people at work and negotiating with employers for better terms and conditions for their members.. A trade union is an organised group of workers.. Its main goal is to protect and advance the interests of its members.. A trade union often negotiates agreements with employers on pay and conditions.. It may also provide legal and financial advice, sickness benefits and education facilities to its members.. What do trade unions do?.. Among the main services a trade union provides to its members are:.. Negotiation.. Representation on individual matters.. Information and advice.. Education  ...   a serious accident? Have I any support in times of legal difficulty? Most of us have to be concerned not just about ourselves, but about how our families are to be provided for in the event of an illness or financial crisis.. Everybody knows the benefit of being a CWU member for protection against injustice at work, maintaining pay and conditions, protecting employment and lobbying government on behalf of our industry.. However, you may not realise that the CWU provides many other social, legal and welfare services for its members.. We have negotiated some excellent preferential insurance rates through Halligan Insurances and we continually look at how to improve our services for members..

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  • Title: Benefits / Funds | Communications Workers' Union
    Descriptive info: Benefits / Funds.. Sickness Benefit.. Subject to the CWU Rules and Constitution and on production of the requisite documentation an "In Benefit" member on reduced pay, following a continuous or accumulative absence of 26 weeks from duty resulting from illness or accident may be paid an amount up to 70% of his/her basic pay while a member of the Union.. This payment may be paid for a maximum of 18 months in any period of 4 years in accordance with the following:.. 0 - 6 months.. Up to 70% of member's basic pay.. 6 - 12 months.. Up to 65% of member's basic pay.. 12 - 18 months.. Up to 60% of member's basic pay.. Payments will cease after this period except in the most extreme of hardship circumstances.. Application for continuation or otherwise of Sickness Benefit outside of this period will be considered on their merits by the Management Committee who will make recommendations to the Executive Council.. Such applications will need to be supported by a full report from the member's medical specialist setting out the exact nature of the illness, the prognosis for a full recovery and likely date of return to work.. The decision of the Executive Council on such applications will be final.. To apply, obtain a form from Union Head Office through the Branch/Section Secretary, complete same and return with payslip and medical certificate, consultants report or a doctor-to-doctor report.. Mortality Benefit.. A member may be paid 635 on the death of his/her spouse.. The estate of a member may be paid 5,080 on his/her death.. A member may nominate during his/her lifetime to whom the sum shall be payable.. A Retired Member may be paid 635 on the death of his/her spouse.. The estate of a Retired Member may be paid 1,270 on his/her death.. A Retired Member may during his/her lifetime nominate to whom such payment may be made.. There is only one mortality benefit payment due per member.. To apply, obtain a form from Union Head Office through the Branch/Section Secretary, complete same and return with copy of Death Certificate.. In certain cases the Union may also require sight of the grant of probate or letters of administration, whichever is applicable.. Hardship.. Applications for financial assistance from the fund in such cases are considered on their merits by the Management Committee and grants are made in certain limited circumstances subject to the sanction of the National Executive Council.. To apply, submit details of the case through the Branch/Section Secretary to the Financial Officer at Union Head Office, for consideration by the Finance Committee.. DOWNLOAD THE FINANCIAL ASSISTANCE/GRANT FORM.. Personal Accident.. Personal Accident Cover is provided.. FREE.. for all "In Benefit" members of the Union.. The financing of this cover is provided for from the central funds of the Union and the members therefore do not have to pay any additional contribution.. The scheme provides for the payment of certain sums in the case of death, loss of limbs, and certain hospital charges, detailed on the schedule of benefits page.. All current "In Benefit" members of the CWU are covered 24 hours a day, 365 days year, anywhere in the world.. The only exclusions are injuries consequent upon war, whether declared or undeclared, intentional self-inflicted injury including suicide or attempted suicide, aerial flight other than as a passenger, sickness or disease.. A claim form can be obtained from your local Branch Secretary or Union Head Office.. Return the form with a certificate regarding hospitalisation.. In the case of death, a Coroner's Report and grant of probate or letters of administration (whichever is applicable) will also be required.. DOWNLOAD THE PERSONAL ACCIDENT COVER CLAIM FORM.. Legal Aid.. This scheme, which is funded from the central funds of the Union, provides assistance to "In Benefit" members of the Union in certain circumstances and subject to certain conditions in relation to:.. Offences under the Road Traffic Acts.. Compensation claims.. Inquests.. Wills.. Certain legal advice.. Requests for assistance relating to matters covered by the scheme must be submitted  ...   members Children under the age of 18 years may be entitled to the benefit when an in benefit member dies in service.. This scheme is a.. benefit to all members.. Payments are commenced to eligible children when the member s death is brought to the attention of Union Head Office.. DOWNLOAD ORPHAN'S PENSION SCHEME RULES.. DOWNLOAD.. ORPHAN'S PENSION FORM.. CWU Ireland Humanitarian Fund.. Since the establishment of the fund in 2008 members have raised over 70,116.. 83 through sponsorship from Medisan, Halligan Insurances, Irish Life, Baby Elegance, KNN, An Post, Eircom and many other outside companies.. The convoy was a great success, but without your financial support this would not have been achievable.. The acknowledgement received from the Bulgarian Ambassador paid tribute to everyone that funded and volunteered their services, no matter how small the help given, it was much appreciated in assisting the convoy achieve its objectives.. The need for humanitarian aid is so widespread in Europe, both in Bulgaria and Romania, it is hoped that through the UK Humanitarian Charity further commitments may be made to try to alleviate poverty within their communities.. Words cannot express their gratitude, by visiting these projects one can see the good work achieved for people less fortunate than ourselves.. Thank you so much for your continued support.. PLEASE DONATE TO THE HUMANITARIAN AID FUND - DOWNLOAD THE FORM HERE.. CWU Charitable Fund.. Following a discussion with the General Secretary and the Finance Committee it was proposed that the National Executive Council would consider setting up a CWU Charitable Fund.. This fund shall be open to all members of the Union.. Each member will have the facility to donate a regular sum of money directly into the CWU Charitable Fund.. For those members currently paying into their various charities, their contributions will be allocated to their sponsored charities.. Going forward all new members can pay a variable contribution of their choice from 0.. 50 up to 10.. 00 and allocation of the contributions collected will be apportioned on a percentage basis annually to the various charities covering the following (at present the ratio is 75% to the African and Irish Projects and 25% to other projects):.. Intellectual Disability Housing Fund.. The Hospice Foundation.. CWU Development Fund covering the African Projects and all other foreign projects.. The CWU Development Fund was renamed the CWU Charitable Fund and a new application form was circulated to all Branches with a GS Circular by the General Secretary explaining the revised procedure.. The Financial Officer will distribute the funds to the various charities already supported by the CWU with the balance being transferred to the CWU Development Fund (renamed the CWU Charitable Fund).. The allocation of funds shall be subject to debate by the NEC Finance Sub-Committee and the final approval by the National Executive Council.. Since its inception in 2002 the Fundraising Appeal has raised over 1.. 4 million and it is heartening to know that the CWU members have supported over 41 projects in this time.. The following grants were made during 2009:.. Refugee Trust Orphan Children Nairobi.. 1,000.. Stride Ethiopia.. 7,500.. Niall Mellon Challenge.. Uganda Appeal.. 30,000.. UNI Nkonya Hospital Ghana.. 50,000.. Tanzanian Appeal.. CWU Ireland Humanitarian Appeal.. 43,269.. Pakistan Appeal.. 15,000.. Gaza Appeal.. 10,000.. Bulgaria Adam Fund Appeal.. 3,000.. YasinFoundation.. 5,000.. Plan Ireland.. 8,500.. Hope Foundation.. 10,459.. Cystic Fibrosis.. ACARA Project.. 2,500.. Haven Building Hope Haiti.. Street Children of Bucharest.. 18,000.. TOTAL.. 246,228.. Most of the building projects supported include schools, hospitals, orphanages, hospices, educational and nutrition programmes, and projects related to the HIV/AIDS pandemic in Africa and irrigation projects in West Africa.. The proceeds of the fund will be used to support a range of worthy projects in Africa and overseas aimed at helping people living in extreme poverty.. It is a relatively small amount to donate but its impact will be enormous for those communities in Africa and overseas which endure tremendous hardship just to survive.. Grateful appreciation is expressed to all those members supporting these well deserved projects.. DOWNLOAD THE CHARITABLE FUND FORM..

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