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  • Title: Claiming our Future » Home Page
    Descriptive info: .. Claiming our Future.. Sections.. Search.. Get Involved.. Issues.. Events News.. Your ideas.. Media.. About us.. div" data-cycle-timeout="5000" data-cycle-auto-height="16:9" data-cycle-caption="#custom-caption" data-cycle-caption-template="{{cycleTitle}}" data-cycle-pager=".. cycle-pager" data-cycle-swipe="true" >.. What about a Maximum Income?.. Did you miss the public meeting with Sam Pizzigati discussing a Maximum Income?.. ">.. 'Declaration for a New Republic/Ireland'.. Create your own declaration.. Get involved NOW!.. What we stand for.. Check out our priorities for the future.. Banks should pay their fair share.. We are campaigning for the introduction of a Financial Transaction Tax in Ireland.. Join us!.. Be part of the movement.. Join us to create an equal, sustainable and thriving Ireland.. Reveive our bi-monthly updates and learn all about how  ...   2014.. FTT working group minutes October 2nd.. Sam Pizzigati in the Irish Times, 20/09/2014.. October 2, 2014.. Budget 2015: CoF suggestion on a 'Stairway.. Upcoming events.. November 4, 2014.. Strategic Meeting in support of FTT in.. Connect with Us.. Tweets by @claimingrfuture.. Privacy.. Acessibility.. Cookies.. Sitemap.. Follow @claimingrfuture.. Claiming Our Future.. We are a national non-party-political civil society network that comprises individuals and organizations from a broad range of civil society sectors.. Established in 2010, we aim to make real the values of equality, environmental sustainability, participation, accountability and solidarity.. Copyright 2014 Claiming Our Future.. |.. 12 Parliament Street, Dublin 2.. Tel: 087 3340698.. Email:.. info@claimingourfuture.. ie.. back to top.. Digital Revolutionaries..

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  • Title: Get Involved » Claiming our Future
    Descriptive info: Join Claiming our Future!.. Through our community of supporters, working groups and activists we campaign for an equal and sustainable Ireland.. There are different ways to get involved:.. Get involved in one of our current campaigns.. Join a working group.. Participate locally.. Be informed: Sign up to our mailing list.. Share your ideas with us.. Get in touch with us if you want to discuss your involvement.. Current Campaigns.. Join a working group.. Start a local group.. Stay informed.. Archived Campaigns..

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  • Title: Our Working Groups » Issues » Claiming our Future
    Descriptive info: Our Working Groups.. We have voluntary groups working on key issues: They deepen the analysis, organise activities and develop and implement campaigns to build support.. Find out more about the issues, the work the working groups are doing and how you can get involved:.. Declaration for a New Republic.. Reinventing Democracy.. Income Equality.. The Financial Transaction Tax.. Also have a look at our core values and policy priorities!.. Issue Overview.. Reinventing Democracy..

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  • Title: Latest Events » Claiming our Future
    Descriptive info: Latest Events.. Strategic Meeting in support of FTT in Ireland.. 4 November 2014.. Tuesday, 4th of November, 2-4 pm, for organisations and groups who pleged support or are interested in.. Events.. Past Events.. News.. Other News.. Calendar QuickView.. October 2014.. M.. T.. W.. F.. S.. 1.. 2.. 3.. 4.. 5.. 6.. 7.. 8.. 9.. 10.. 11.. 12.. 13.. 14.. 15.. 16.. 17.. 18.. 19.. 20.. 21.. 22.. 23.. 24.. 25.. 26.. 27.. 28.. 29.. 30.. 31.. Jump to a Month.. January.. February.. March.. April.. May.. June.. July.. August.. September.. October.. November.. December.. 2013.. 2014.. 2015.. 2016.. 2017.. 2018.. 2019..

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  • Title: Your ideas » Claiming our Future
    Descriptive info: Do you have an idea for a new campaign? Or do you have feedback on our existing work?.. We'd love to hear from you and are always keen to hear your feedback and thoughts.. You can get in touch with us by using the form.. We're a part time and volunteer team, so it might sometimes take us a little while to get back to you.. If you're having trouble hearing  ...   Fields marked with an asterix (*) are required.. Your Ideas / Suggestions.. Name.. Address.. County/City.. Tel.. E-mail.. *.. Key Areas of Interest Please tick as many as applicable.. Campaigning for Reinventing Democracy.. Campaigning for Income Equality.. Practical Involvement in Social Media Campaigning.. Contributing research on CoF issues.. I would like to be included on the COF's mailing list to receive news and information and updates from the COF in the future.. Submit..

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  • Title: Contact Form » Media » Claiming our Future
    Descriptive info: Contact Form.. Do you have a media enquiry? Media calls can be made to Nina on 087 3340698.. Alternatively, email Nina at.. nina@claimingourfuture.. If you'd like to receive Claiming our Futures media releases, email a request to.. Claiming our Future Media Contact form.. Organisation.. Additional Information.. Media Contact Form.. Press Release.. Video Gallery..

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  • Title: Overview of C.O.F » About Us » Claiming our Future
    Descriptive info: About Us.. Claiming Our Future is a national broad based non-party-political network.. It comprises individuals and organizations from a range of civil society sectors including, in particular, the community, environmental, global justice, cultural and trade union sectors.. It was established in 2010.. Claiming Our Future aims to promote and make real the values of equality, environmental sustainability, participation, accountability and solidarity.. Claiming Our Future works to:.. Develop and contribute to the thinking to shape a future Ireland based on these values and to the thinking on the future shape of, challenges facing, and directions for civil society.. Campaign proactively on key issues that contribute to realizing this future Ireland.. Build participation, at local and national levels, in shaping this thinking and developing these campaigns and build cross-sectoral forms of cooperation in this.. Claiming Our Future has worked to enable national and local deliberation on the priority policy themes identified at its inaugural event and to build campaigns to advance these themes.. This work has focused, in particular, on the policy themes of:.. Income equality.. Developing an economy for society.. Political reform.. It has campaigned to challenge austerity policies and to promote a new value base for the annual Budgetary process of Government.. This has focused on rebalancing the Buget to secure a  ...   of such a cross-sectoral approach.. It seeks to be a stimulus for change for a civil society that is better able to respond to a context of deepening inequality, political unresponsiveness and a culture dominated by fear and pessimism.. Claiming Our Future seeks to promote new forms of civil society action by directing the energies and strengths of civil society to engaging, educating and convincing the general public of the need for alternative approaches to the crises faced by Irish society and for new goals to be established for the type of society that should emerge from these crises.. This should enhance the levels of support for a more equal and environmentally sustainable society and the emergence of a new and more forceful demand on the political system for transformative change in Irish society.. Also, check out this interesting (slightly dated) article from Central Group member Mary Murphy from 2012 to learn a bit more about how it all started and an analysis of the challenges Irish civil society faces in participating in political debate about ideas and its capacity to generate real and credible alternatives.. Article starts on page 25.. Cover image for Citizens Voices May 22 2012.. What we stand for.. How we work.. How we are funded.. Contact us..

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  • Title: Sam Pizzigatis presentation on 'Maximum Income' » News » Latest Events » Claiming our Future
    Descriptive info: Sam Pizzigatis presentation on 'Maximum Income'.. 17 September 2014.. Have a look at Sam Pizzigatis.. presentation.. on 'Maximum Income' that he gave on September 16 in the Ark in Dublin.. October 2014.. September 2014.. August 2014.. July 2014.. June 2014.. May 2014.. April 2014.. March 2014.. February 2014.. January 2014.. Archive for 2013.. Archive for 2012.. Archive for 2011..

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  • Title: Declaration for a New Republic » Issues » Claiming our Future
    Descriptive info: Claiming Our Future aims to facilitate a process to develop a ‘Declaration for a New Republic’ by inviting organisations, groups, campaigns, communities, and individuals to detail their priorities and vision for Ireland in 2016 and beyond.. LATEST NEWS:.. Find the first draft for a Declaration.. HERE.. Be part of it! Give us your feedback NOW!.. Join us in our working group meetings that prepare the process: Contact Nina at nina@claimingourfuture.. ie or check.. here.. to find out about the next meeting.. Organise a consultation with your organisation, group, friends and feedback to us your suggestion for the declaration.. Get in touch with Nina at nina@claimingourfuture.. ie if you are interested in this.. We will launch the process this autumn with a toolkit and mobilisation materials for you to use.. Why a Declaration?.. 2016 will be an important year for the Irish people.. It will be 100 years since the leaders of the rising read the proclamation of the Irish Republic at the steps of the GPO in Easter 1916 declaring an Irish Republic.. It will also be the year of the next General election.. Ireland today is a deeply unequal society which has suffered social devastation as a result of the failure of the neoliberal Celtic Tiger economic model, the socialization of private banking debt, and the corruption of our institutions.. Our economy is unsustainable and inequitable as a majority of people is affected by low wages, insecure employment, poverty, unemployment, emigration, mortgage distress, and various forms of exclusion as a result of discrimination on class, gender, or disability.. Austerity has hit the poorest the hardest.. Despite the demands for reform in the 2011 general election the political and state institutions remain as before the crisis began.. We have been failed over and over by our political and state institutions and our model of economic development.. Ireland is further away from the values outlined by participants in the Claiming Our Future RDS event in October 2010 of equality, environmental sustainability, participation, accountability and solidarity.. We need to define the type of economy, politics and society we want.. As we ‘exit’ the bailout and enter a supposed ‘recovery’ the key question is what sort of society, politics, and economy are we now aiming to develop? Are we going to allow it to be business as usual with austerity for decades in order to get us back to the days of unsustainable and inequitable Celtic Tiger growth? We need to move from just complaining to taking action to establish our vision and to get it implemented.. A Declaration For A New Republic.. The priorities will be visionary and aspirational as well as including practical/concrete steps to be implemented in the short term.. They will require a radical transformation of our current systems.. The priorities identified will be developed into a draft ‘Declaration for A New Republic’ that will outline the vision and practical ideas that we want for Ireland in 2016 and beyond.. This draft  ...   of the recovery in Ireland, and, in particular to influence the political debate in the run-up to the general election 2016.. Bring together the diverse individuals, groupings and organisations who are currently campaigning and struggling for these values.. Be participative and grassroots based.. The Declaration would:.. Set out a vision for Ireland that people could aspire to and inspire them to take action.. Include ‘steps’ or ‘issues/demands’ that COF could campaign for immediate.. implementation.. Offer real change in people’s lives that they can connect with and mobilise around.. This is not a tool for lobbying or a policy document.. Be short, accessible, aspirational and practical.. What we did so far.. We held local public COF participative meetings in Galway, Cork and Dublin – getting grassroots input into the declaration idea.. We have shared an inital draft of a declaration that can soon be commented on.. We have regular Working group meetings to steer and prepare the process.. Steps for progressing the Declaration from June 2014.. Launch the Declaration process in September 2014.. Contact/meet 50 organisations, campaigns, groups to explain idea to them and invite them to engage with the process of developing the Declaration.. Gather together all the various submissions and put them up on website as they come in (from September 2014).. Use social media to stimulate and enable individual submissions (from September 2014).. Summarise and develop the submissions into a draft Declaration.. (March 2015).. Hold a large (1000 people) national participative meeting in Dublin outlining, finalising and agreeing the draft Declaration and developing practical campaign ideas to build support for it (March/April 2015).. Publicly launch the declaration - aiming to get 100,000 people to sign it (April/May 2015).. Implement plan of action for campaigning for the declaration from April 2015).. Large scale mobilisation/event demonstrating, e.. g.. a public creative parade in support of the declaration (late 2015).. The Ask from Organisations.. We are not asking organisations/campaigns/groups to sign up to the Declaration.. It is to be a “people’s” document.. We will seek for individuals to sign up to it.. We are asking organisations/campaigns/groups to support the process of developing the Declaration, to garner popular support for the Declaration once it is agreed and to advance any elements of the final Declaration that fits within their mandate and agenda.. In meeting fifty organisations/campaigns/groups we will be asking them if, during 2014, they could:.. Publicise the process of building the Declaration among their members and supporters.. Enable and organise a discussion of what should be in the Declaration among their members and supporters and submit the ideas brought forward in this discussion by their members and supporters.. Mobilise people from among their members and supporters to attend the participative event to consider the draft Declaration and finalise and agree the Declaration to be held in November 2014.. Support and engage in local meetings on the Declaration.. Raise and discuss the Declaration and its possible content at meetings of their members and supporters.. Resources..

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  • Title: What we stand for » About Us » Claiming our Future
    Descriptive info: Our priorities for the future.. We seek a society underpinned by.. Equality for all.. Environmental sustainability.. Accountability from those in power.. Participation by people in decision making that impacts on them.. Solidarity between all sectors of society.. A new Programme for Government should give practical expression to these five values.. We seek progress on six policy priorities.. A sustainable alternative to our boom-and-bust economy.. A more equal society.. Change in the way we govern ourselves.. Decent and sustainable jobs.. Radical reform of the banking system.. Reform of our public services.. A new Programme for Government should progress each of these priorities.. A sustainable alternative to our boom-and-bust economy.. Ireland’s flawed model of development was the fundamental cause of the current crisis.. It depended upon unsustainable use of our resources.. There was poor planning and lax enforcement.. Unregulated speculation and the pursuit of individual profit took precedence over equality and solidarity.. We now need:.. A strategy for development that achieves economic security, and social and environmental sustainability.. A means, other than GDP, to measure our sustainable progress towards these goals.. Inequality in Ireland is high.. There is growing evidence that such high levels of inequality are bad not just for those on  ...   which citizens can participate directly in those decisions which impact on their lives and communities.. Means to enable civil society organizations to effectively articulate the needs of disadvantaged.. and marginalized communities.. Work is important, both as a way of accessing income and of making a contribution to our society.. A substantial targeted investment package to create sustainable employment in the environmental sector and in the social economy.. Banks were allowed to become isolated from the real economy.. They were driven by desire for excessive profits and offered exaggerated rewards to staff who engaged in activities which were risky not only to the bank but to society in general.. A banking system to fulfil the purpose of guaranteeing credit to sustainable local enterprises and communities.. A bank regulatory culture and system which prohibits speculative banking and excessive rewards.. Quality public services, available on a universal basis where appropriate, play a central role in offering equal access to life chances and quality of life to all.. Efficiency, integration, and equality as the goals of public service reform.. Systems of universal provision of healthcare, care for children and older people.. Equality on access to and participation in all levels of education from pre-school to university..

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  • Title: Time for banks to pay their fair share! » Current Campaigns » Get Involved » Claiming our Future
    Descriptive info: Time for banks to pay their fair share!.. Banks, hedge funds and the rest of the financial sector should pay their fair share to clear up the mess they helped create.. LATEST CAMPAIGN UPDATES: Last working group.. minutes (.. July 15), an.. EU wide letter.. to the Italian Prime Minister,.. June campaign update paper.. The Financial Transaction Tax is a tax on banks that would give billions to tackle poverty and climate change - in Europe and abroad.. It would be applied to trading in bonds, shares and derivatives.. The European Commission is proposing a tax of 0.. 1% on trading in bonds and shares and 0.. 01% on trading in derivatives.. Eleven Member States are working to implement this tax under the EU ‘enhanced cooperation procedure’.. France, Greece, Spain,  ...   national recovery.. It is estimated that this financial transaction tax would raise a net €300 to €500 million euro for the Irish exchequer.. Increase growth and reduce poverty by making resources available to invest in public services, addressing climate change, and supporting development aid.. Curb speculation and risk taking by increasing the cost of transactions.. Short-term speculators, hedge funds and high frequency traders would bear the brunt of this tax.. Find out more: Why we need a Financial Transaction Tax.. Get your organisation to sign up.. to the campaign petition: We are asking Irish Organisations to support our call on the Irish Government.. Pledge support here!.. Watch these videos to learn more, Future News featuring Andrew Lincoln and The Banker.. Financial Transaction Tax.. Background.. Take Action.. Pledge support.. View supporting organisation..

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